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Funnily enough, my mother insisted on taking these photos of me. She rocks Auto mode. We went on a girls' day out to Watson's...

Funnily enough, my mother insisted on taking these photos of me. She rocks Auto mode.
We went on a girls' day out to Watson's Bay, where we walked up and down the Coast Walk. Had I known, I probably would not have worn a tripping hazard.

Here are some of the photos I took:

| Tourists |

| Girls climbing rocks |

| Waves crashing |
To give you an idea of the size of this cliff, the bush near the top is larger than a tall man.

| Mother and sister |

| Guy quietly looking down the drop |

| Sister |

| Beautiful view from a hole in the fence |

| Pretty girl |

It was nice to hop onto random ferries, buses and trains with no idea where they were going. I was tired but watched as my mother excitedly pointed out beautiful views and houses. We stopped at a Bondi cafe for banana bread, coffee and snacks and I thought with a certain nostalgia to myself that it reminded me of a time when I was younger, like my littlest sister now, and thought family outings were the most wondrous thing ever. 

I'm finding more and more that I enjoy taking photos of people. I like snapping candid moments where people are doing everyday things, laughing, thinking...being beautifully human. Do you see that or do you see ordinary photos of random people? Do you prefer to look at photos of people or places? 

In other news, going to India in 3 days!!! I think I will schedule some posts of backlogged photos while I'm gone, yes?

P.S. I find cacti really creepy.

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  1. I agree, family trips are
    precious c: no matter how
    far or short trips you make!
    Omg you're going to India?
    I wish you a fun journey but
    most of all a SAFE journey!


    1. Thanks mei!I'll be sure to stay as safe as I can!

  2. Those are incredible - your Mum is an amazing photographer!

  3. Oh my goodness INDIA?! That's incredibly exciting! I can't wait to see some pictures from India... I love taking photos of people too - I need to get better at it, to be quite honest. I think I'm a little shy. How do you overcome that sort of thing?

    1. well to be honest I'm pretty shy too why it comes to this! i don't think i've ever approached a stranger and asked them for their photo... i just snap photos quickly from wherever i'm standing/sitting/hiding (often placed strategically so it looks like i'm taking photos of something else) and most of the time, no-one notices. if they do, a lot of smiling and nodding from me so i don't look like a creepy stalker... it definitely helps to have a zoom lens too ha!
      i've been told off a few times by people when i'm overseas travelling who dont want their picture taken (it's probs better to ask them beforehand), but that's the worst of it - you're never going to see them again!

  4. Beautiful photos. The cliffs are amazing. You look lovely in the photos your mum took. Have an amazing time in India, I am so jealous!


  5. You are so gorgeous, I could die!

    Have a fun and safe trip to India Annie!
    Already can't wait to see what kind of wonderful images you'll capture

  6. beautiful! have a wonderful trip to India! <3

  7. I know what you mean by loving family outings when you're younger, for some reason it always feels a little different when you're older, it's not the same bubbly feeling haha or maybe it's just me.

    Love the photos you took at Watson's Bay! I find it hard to believe that the bush you were referring to was taller than a tall man. Anyway have a fabulous time in India, stay safe and take heaps of photos!!!

  8. India?! Holy cow you are one lucky girl, I can't wait to see your photos! And lol, I have never been to Watson's bay before even though I live in Sydney, though it does look like a pretty beautiful place. Knowing me I'd probably be joining the kids in climbing up and down the rocks :)

  9. great photos! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  10. these are beautiful xx i'm finding i like taking candid pictures of people too, for exactly the same reason you said: the human essence of it. well, i never take as many as i want to of interesting people because i feel creepy just taking their pics haha but i'm working on it.


  11. Oh shit, India. Hope you're having an amazing time! Love the photos, you are damn hot.

  12. You are so freaking gorgeous. Quit it. ;) I'm glad your mom can "rock auto mode." Mine, most definitely, can not. Hahaha. Poor thing; she struggles so with nearly every form of technology. Those cliffs are INSANE. I would've gotten vertigo or something. Or had my stomach repeatedly flipping.

    And, yes, cacti are creepy. All prickly and shit. :)

  13. you are so awesome. i randomly bumped into your blog and it's amazing!
    you make me miss australia so much... it's such an inspiring place, especially for gorgeous photos because the spots and views there are just breathtaking!!

  14. wow, love these black&white photos of you!


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