Friends, Food and Fireworks

| View from Balls Head Reserve, Waverton | Like last year, I made the annual pilgrimage to a vantage point to watch the Sydney firewo...

| View from Balls Head Reserve, Waverton |

Like last year, I made the annual pilgrimage to a vantage point to watch the Sydney fireworks (photos at the end!). Unlike LAST YEAR the day did not start in the afternoon but began when I woke up at...4:45am.
Here's what happened!

| Manly, 5:45 am |
I woke up obscenely early after Richard thought it might be fun to watch the sunrise on the last day of the year. After 10 mins of taking photos in the cold, we went back to his place to sleep. For the whole morning.
In hindsight, the beach was quite beautiful however.

Then we ventured out again to have brunch at Three Beans (really good cafe in Manly).
Then off to the beach in true Australian style.

Manly was packed and gloriously hot. Just as I began dozing off in the sun, Richard came back from the water saying he'd been stung by a bluebottle.
We left.

After doing some grocery shopping, we hauled our asses (and a tripod, camera gear, 10kg of fruit and snacks and a roast chicken) to Waverton where we set up camp and just chilled with some of R's friends.

As it got darker and darker, more people milled about waiting for the fireworks. 
Above is one of my most favourite photos!

Then finally, the 9pm family fireworks came on. 

Then 3 hours later, 2013 began with a giant bang!

This was the first time I photographed fireworks somewhat seriously. I'd say hauling my tripod was well worth it! I posted a tonne more on my Facebook.

Like every other year, I loved New Years. I would go on my spiel about the carefree vibe, the welcoming in a fresh new start with friends and strangers thing but I'm pretty sure I already have. But what I haven't said is that I have spent the past 4 New Years with Richard by my side. So it's pretty darn special.

So far 2013 has been wonderful; waking up late everyday, going outside in the sun for a swim, picnics, watching movies...
I'd love to know what you have all done so far!
(P.S What do you think of my photos in this post, compared to last years?)

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  1. Annie, this is a great post! i really enjoyed to read it. the photos are perfect. i think the NYE entry from last year is amazing, too, but these pictures here are more stunning ;)

  2. Honestly, every time I read your blog it gets better.
    After comparing both posts I can definitely say that your firework photos from this years post have outdone themselves. They put my blurry iphone shots to shame.
    Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year x

    1. thanks marnie :) I hope you had a smashing New Years too!

  3. Wow! These photos are absolutely amazing. I also love how much you love NYE because I don't really seem to care about much it tbh haha. About to head off to your facebook to stalk some more!

    1. thanks anita! and yeah I'm pretty much reduced to a little child when it comes to my love for fireworks haha

  4. I always look forward to seeing your photos. I love 2012's NYE photo set better. Happy New Year, Annie! <3

    1. thanks chyrel, it means a lot to me! I hope you had a wonderful New Years too!

  5. WOW awesome pictures! Looks so great!


  6. wtf!!! these photos looks so stunning
    i really love fireworks :D
    and aaaw the food looks yummy too XD
    xoxo ;**

  7. came across your blog because you followed us, the flawberries
    and I#m amazed by your pictures
    I like how you capture special moments and peoples emotions, without them seeming to notice or mind at all
    your blog is amazing, you definately deserve way more readers

    now, seeing that your blog is so beautiful I'm even more happy you followed us!
    and thank you so much for the compliment :D I can't believe you complimented our photos while your's are more than stunning!

    btw, I just started a new blog, apart from the flawberries, there'll be lots of photography and art, not just fashion and food
    if you don't mind check it out, I'd really be happy to be calling you one of my followers!!
    followd you of course, there's no way I couldn't! haha

    and to answer you question, my hair is not naturally like that, it's dyed :D but thank you :* I like it a lot too haha

    greetings from germany!!

  8. oh shit, I forgot to mention, my new blog is:

    it's still mainly in german, but I'll be definately switching to english in the future :)

  9. Gosh im so mesmerized by your firework photos its trippin me out abit HAHA X__X but seriously they look amazing !!! I like the day photos from your last years NYE posts maybe coz im not much of a beach person. Nevertheless theyre still lovely :)
    2013 seems like a good year for everyone :))

    ox Pris

  10. Those firework photos look so amazing! :)

  11. LOVE your fotos, I wish I could take nice ones like yours too :)

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  13. haha why thank you, the food on your blog makes me drool too! :'D
    love the fireworks pictures!


  14. wow, you took many joyful pictures! love all of them <3
    anyway, how about following each other? check out mine, and see if it is worth enough to follow

    sweet and sugars,

  15. You take hella good pictures c:
    What kind of camera do you use?


  16. I love these photos, the food, the sand, the surf, and the lights! Lovely.


  17. thanks for following! I am following you too! Im really looking forward to sharing ideas and staying in touch annie


  18. Wow the fireworks you captured are absolutely gorgeous! I actually feel like your photos are kind of 3D-ish, because the colours are so vivid. And of course, it's always awesome to end and start the year with a trip to the beach- true blue aussie style :D

  19. so you are a medical student too? wow, this is my first time knowing a blogger that is also a med student :D
    And you live in Sydney rite? I've lived there (well, not in Sydney, I lived in Wollongong) when I was a kid, kind of missing that place.

    anyway, I am your newest follower! keep in touch :)

  20. Hey Annie! Thank you for your lovely comment:) You take such awesome pictures.. you portrayed the fireworks really well. Have a lovely week!


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