Anniversary in the Mountains

| Blue Mountains | To celebrate our anniversary a few months ago, I treated R and I to a weekend away in the Blue Mountains at a cozy...

| Blue Mountains |

To celebrate our anniversary a few months ago, I treated R and I to a weekend away in the Blue Mountains at a cozy bed and breakfast. It turned out to be pretty perfect after what was a very stressful year.
I booked a couple nights at Lurline House, partly because of the rave reviews and mostly because of the  DELUXE SPA in most of the rooms. Man we used that spa a lot.

| Our room |

Actually, the first thing we did was run a big spa bubble bath and sit in it, sipping some wine we bought a while ago. Figured it was the least we could do after I directed R to the right street in the wrong suburb...

We then got ready for our date at Silk's (a really popular restaurant in Leura).

| Inside Silk's, Lamb Backstrap Fillet, Oven-roasted Tasmanian Salmon |

| View from my side of the table, and his |

The food was fantastic! Because it was quite chilly out, we drove straight back to our room and... had another bubble bath. Then we snuggled in bed watching and eventually falling asleep to Dirty Dancing.

After another bubble bath and a hot breakfast first thing next morning, we went out to hike the National Pass  trail.

I know the photos look quite bleary and really don't do it justice, but the NP trail was really beautiful. There is something wonderful about feeling very small in the midst of nature. It was unbelievably nice to stroll together ( ok, stroll might be a bit of an understatement) through waterfalls, past incredible views, giant rock formations and lush forest with not another person in sight or hearing range.

In saying that however, the last few hundred metres were a killer; a steep continuous ascent. Naturally we rewarded ourselves with some overpriced tea and potato wedges and of course...

...another bubble bath.

***This is a schedule post! Right now I should be somewhere in India or Nepal. ***

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  1. wonderful pictures- looks like fun.
    enjoy your trip <3
    maren anita


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    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. Looks like a perfect getaway! I haven't been to the Blue Mountains since my year 8 geography excursion haha but you make it look so incredibly beautiful :) I hope you're having a blast in India/Nepal! x

  3. what a beautiful way to celebrate your anniversary! these photos are so lovely - especially the last one! :P
    I hope you are having a wonderful time overseas! ♥

  4. wow, that place looks like a breath of fresh air. those mountains are absolutely beautiful. i've just added it to my list of places i need to visit :) x

  5. oh this is such a beautiful place to celebrate your anniversary! the bubble baths would've been so much fun. the waterfalls and the blue mountains look magical - such wonderful pictures
    i hope you're having an amazingly splendid time wherever you are in the world!

  6. This looks beautiful, what a place to celebrate! Congrats on your anniversary! I hope you're having a marvelous time, where ever you are right now.


  7. love your blog and your documentary style (:

    the photos from round my side of town [watson's bay] are beautiful too.

    stop by sometime?

  8. Awesome post. I love it. It should be in some magazine :)


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