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It's almost Christmas and whilst I'm really hating the shopping frenzy right now, there's one thing I'm enjoying: daydreaming about festive decor (see my internet trawling picks above!) and (one day) throwing a lavish fun Christmas party in a beautiful home filled with said decor. Check out some easy tips below:

Create an eye-catching central piece

Even if you don’t have much to decorate, a stunning central piece is a great way to grab the attention of all your guests, and could be used beyond the holiday season, too. Flowers in sharp colours in a silver vase, red candles glowing in a luxury holder, or cylinders filled with sparkling ornaments on the dining table would all make great centre piece decorations.
Pick a colour scheme
Want to surprise your guests with unconventional yet stylish home decoration? Instead of using the traditional red-and-green colour scheme, try a new shade! Using a white-and-brown colour scheme, for example, gives the illusion of a snowy cabin, and goes particularly well with homes with a fireplace. Alternatively, a gold-and-silver scheme would be a great choice for an especially sparkling Christmas. I personally love blues and silvers.
Fill the living room with pillows
This is one of the easiest ways to transform an everyday home into a festive retreat, making it as comfortable for your guests as it can be. Pad the living room floor with cosy throws and pillows to create a relaxed space reminiscent of a North Pole tent. Serve classic treats like hot chocolate with marshmallows – the kids will love it.
Don’t forget your front door
Why limit your decorations to within your home? Your guests’ impression begins at the front door, so why not spruce it up with a Christmas wreath. If a traditional garland wreath lacks the wow factor, try adding wide ribbons, twinkling lights or a flower basket.

For more festive ideas, check out the range of Christmas decorations at

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  1. Love the colour theme you've gone with!

    x Michelle |

  2. nice advices =D i also tried to get a christmas atmosphere into my 16 square metres home haha but it's still not really... "merry christmas"-like haha XD i wish i had a small christmas tree ♥

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