| Random dresser clutter | Drawing by Eva, scribblings and polaroids | Fresh sheets | Some textbooks and feeble attemp...

| Random dresser clutter | Drawing by Eva, scribblings and polaroids | Fresh sheets | Some textbooks and feeble attempt at self-motivation | My steth, random belts and mom's vintage bag | Study clutter | Makeup clutter + novels (Anna Karenina and Tully) | Fern cushion |

I took these the day I was set to move out of my place in Newcastle. It was especially gloomy and dark (sorry) , but these are pretty much the only photos of my room I will ever have because I'm moving to a new place next year. A 6 metre squared space and housemates who smoke indoors just doesn't cut it.

Nevertheless, I will have fond memories of this room. I remember looking at the tiny, bare-walled space in my first night alone, feeling kind of dismal and underwhelmed. Buying the fern cushion after realizing the chair was so fucking shit it gave me back pain. Squinting at my laptop until 6am during stuvac. Hanging up a calendar Ash made me. Doing my makeup in front of the adhesive mirrors I stuck on the wardrobe. Listening to snoring through the thin walls. Eating countless dinners on my bed, naked...just because I could.

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  1. Hahaha. Do what you have to in that little place. :) I would want to move, too. But at least you have some good memories. I think I'm going to have fond memories of the apartment I'm in now, too, even though it has a LOT of problems. I'm fine with it, though ... it's still mine. More importantly, YOU POSTED!! I am so happy to see you here! I know you've been busy busy busy, so I was really happy to see that you shared something. Your photos are always so wonderfully framed, no matter what they are.

  2. This inspired me to take photos of my room!

    Adorable blog. Following you on Google Connect now. Hope you can share the love back by visiting and following back.

    Much love from Canada~

  3. I love seeing peoples' bedrooms (that sounds super creepy haha)! It's funny how these little spaces can hold so many memories. Did you enjoy Anna Karenina? I'm about to start reading it!


    1. Yes I loved Anna Karenina! Dragged on a bit in some parts but overall I thought it was an amazing book, very funny.

      p.s sorry for the late reply :(

  4. I love the post it's and photos on the wall. My room is just so messy.

  5. i've really missed your blog!
    the pictures are great, the room doesn't appear that small haha =D

  6. Stuvac hm is that like Swotvac? Study vacation? I'm not sure why we call it Swotvac at our uni. Why do your notes look so pretty and colourful *jealous*

  7. there's something quite special about photographing your home, especially when you know you will be leaving it soon. I will be doing the same thing over the next couple of months. it's bitter sweet. (more sweet than bitter though!) <3


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