VIVID 2012

To make up for my absence, I started wading through my photos and put together some that I snapped when I visited the Vivid Sydney 2012 Fes...

To make up for my absence, I started wading through my photos and put together some that I snapped when I visited the Vivid Sydney 2012 Festival. (On a completely unrelated note, I am officially on holidays; YAY!) 

I still can't decide whether I like or hate them; the night was rather haphazard photography-wise, I spent most of it death-glaring all the chumps strutting past with $5000 cameras and serious tripods- most of whom seemed to do more swanning around than actually shooting. 

Alright, I'm sure they are lovely people.

Anyhow, let me know what you think?

Man recording the projections on MCA

Countdown to Customs House animation/projection/show (?)

On the red carpet...and a creepy man staring at me

Mind-boggling Customs House projection

 R examining his stubble

Lit up walkway

Optic Fibre lights

MCA from across the harbour

Holographic faces

Smiling dude amongst bicycle powered wings

Green woman wearing a hat

Shouting lights

Lit up hopscotch 

Shadows and animations

Interactive imaging

More lights

?? ??? ???

Angler fish rickshaws

Wandering people, and a mysterious blue light installation

Admiring the view




Giant chandelier


So when I compare it to last years posts here and here which Blogger has somehow pixellated (click on the photos to view the unhorrible versions), I realised that I took a whole lot more photos of people than the actual artworks on display. I think the main thing that makes Vivid such a cool event is not so much the lights and music on show, but the vibe in Sydney harbour; the inquisitive people buzzing about, laughing, critiquing and interacting with the installations. I can't think of any other situation where you can shout at a wall of lights with a crowd circling around you and not be labelled a loony.

Which is why I like the random photos I took of random people, often in random mid-conversations, like so:
While standing in front of the artwork above:
Dude #1: I don't know what the fucking shit this means.
Dude #2: Shhh....that's not nice...

Anyway I'd love to hear what you think :)
(About Vivid/the photos I mean, not the conversation...)

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  1. Thank goodness for your images!

    My boyfriend and I decided to try and see the lights on a horribly wet and cold night, surrounded by very inconsiderate people and not surprisingly enough, we failed miserably. Boy and I only stayed for 10 minutes, tops, before he decided we had to go home.

    Quite a fail year for us, but thank you for your fantastic photos as always :)

    1. aww sorry to hear about it, the weather was such a dampener though (har de har) so i don't blame you. funnily enough, my experience with vivid last year was pretty horrible; involved getting drenched and being chased through circular quay by a violent restaurant manager, so i feel for you!

  2. amazing photos as usual! <3

  3. hehe, I love the conversation you overheard! wonderful photos, you've captured the atmosphere perfectly :) I really have to visit the vivid festival one year - it looks awesome! :)

    1. thanks kimi :) you will have to! the best part about it is that most of the installations are interactive so it's a nice experience, especially if the weather decides to be kind!

  4. Great photos! There seems to have been a lot of people on the day you went, haha. I think Vivid was alright, I was expecting anything tbh but the Opera House displays was something I didn't understand. Have a fabulous winter break! x

    1. thanks anita; i reckon last years was better but there were still a few stand outs this year. agreed to the wtf opera house!

  5. Everything looks so super pretty, I missed most of it, even though I was in the Quay every night. The Opera House was some weird pretentious, unphotogenic shit this year, I was disappointed. Last year was rad.

    1. yeah i agree, the opera house was a bit of a let down...but speaking of pretentious i reckon the little blue squares artwork (last photo) takes the cake; the accompanying description was literally an essay describing the origins of its meaning and the 'stylistic influences harking from post-modernism to minimalism...'; just a tad ridiculous, imho

    2. Whenever I go to the MCA with my friends we make up our own terrible explanations for the artworks and then read the descriptions - sometimes we're surprisingly accurate!

  6. Wow, each photo is so pretty, so much vibrant colour! I wish I could've gone O_O

  7. This looks soooooooo amazing O_O
    HAHA creepy man staring at you cos YOURE SO HOTTTT =D

  8. Very nice!!

    Check out my Blog Hyyperlic, if you want ;-)


  9. Wow these are so inspiring ! Thank you! = please take a look

  10. What the hell! This looks so freakin awesome. Why is Australia like the coolest place ever? Double cool cuz it doubles as both a country and continent. Damn, I really gotta get myself down there.

    I think that picture is one of the most revealing pictures of your boyfriend's face, haha. He's cute. Got yourself a good one there, Annie! Haha.


  11. this is a very cute combination, and great photos. keep on with good work :)

  12. i also want to visit that festival :( the photos are so good!


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