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Not sure what i'm doing here... Pat, smiling for the camera Em Amy doing something Aizat and Kate ...

Not sure what i'm doing here...

Pat, smiling for the camera


Amy doing something

Aizat and Kate

Impossibly tasty herb bread stick things

So these are from the last ever PBL session this semester (a biweekly tutorial  small group learning thing for anyone who is vaguely interested) which we decided to have at Honeysuckle Hotel on the foreshore (in Newcastle).  Anyhow it's been sort of amazing to have met this group of cazy awesome people and spend 6 hours a week, every week, in their company, learning". (In our case, the majority is spent going on irrelevant tangents about funny stories and sharing immature dirty jokes, but you didn't hear that from me.)

 It's impossible to express how much I've learnt from these people and how much appreciation I have for them, including our crazy englishman tutor, so i'm not going to try. But when you look forward to going to class at 4-7pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT then you know you got lucky.

So anyhow in true awesome style we ditched the material we were supposed to cover in the last session and just chatted, ate and drank by the water. Drinks were shouted (I had one too many vodka sunrises thrust at me), steaks consumed, embarrassing stories were told and general mirth was shared all around.

In other words, it's been a great semester. And if I manage to pass all my exams, it'll be even better!

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  1. Thanks for your comment and follow love! And don't worry, I don't mind a good rant XD I agree with you, what's the point of taking photos if you can't look at them? It sounds like you had a great night, I love getting together with people and just learning with them, about anything and everything :) You get so many varied viewpoints that way. Best of luck for your exams!!


    Ps: following you too :)

  2. Annie! hehe i got my boots from Betts ~ So maybe check them out! I know right ive been looking everywhere for some nice flat-ish boots and these were perfecto!
    Your hair is so long and you have super longggg legs! Blagh give me your good looks and genes !
    I really wana come down to Sydney or Melbs during my mid sem break >=[

    Hopefully i stop procrastinating its so bad during exam period~ GL with your exams <3


    1. funnily enough i REALLY wanna go to melbourne this mid year break too...shopping!! hahaha good luck for your exams too, they'll soon be over and before you know it you'll be on a long blissful holiday :)

  3. It's great to have a group of friends that can help you with your studies as well as providing great company! Best of luck for your exams!

  4. wow i love this pictures! <3 good luck to your exams!


  5. Cool pic!


  6. Love the pictures in this post. That warm orange-y evening sun is my favourite :) I'm sure you will do great in your exams :)
    Just started following you and I look forward to reading your future posts :)

    Karys x

  7. lovely blog. you take some really beautifully shot photos, my dear. and those tasty herb bread slices look really good. it sounds like PBL brought you to some really great people it is wonderful you can all have such a great time together. good luck on all your exams and i hope you will still stay in touch with these people after the class ends! good company is hard to come by and all friends should be valued :)

    xx rae

    stop by, and follow if you like http://www.loveforschoolgirl.net/ xx

  8. Beautiful pictures, you look really pretty:) thanks for following me, I'm following back! xx

  9. stunning photos:)


  10. You look so gorgeous in the first photo! And Newcastle seems like a lot of fun, such a nice change from Sydney!

  11. amazing photos...


  12. what the fuck YOU are fucking funny. I actually want to know you and have gone through your posts cackling like a fucking maniac in the middle of the night. I am totally jelly of these study group things. In high school my teacher organised a band six club in my modern history class. Not sure why I just admitted that. Excuse me while I go post more weird comments on the rest of your blog. I'm sorry for the expletives.

  13. Love this :) Beautiful pictures !

    Kisses !


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