Pancakes and Hipster Loitering

Here are some of the photos tracking activities for last Sunday morning (started here ) while I was in SYdney for the weekend. Met up with ...

Here are some of the photos tracking activities for last Sunday morning (started here) while I was in SYdney for the weekend. Met up with some of the girls for breakfast at Pancakes at the Rocks (they ordered this normal?), where we stuffed ourselves and overstayed our welcome...sitting around and chatting for longer than we actually ate. After that we wandered around.

Glass Blower

This included visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, and attempting to make sense of some of the most ahem "odd" artworks that were on display. In true hipster fashion.

Seriously, explain this?

Yep. After that day I realised that was the first time in a while that I had taken my camera out and about...I've forgotten how fun it was. That, and the unexpected glory of breakfast dates- I highly encourage them! Aside from watching The Avengers (jizz) with R- who insisted on buying the giant Thor cup and popcorn combo- that was my weekend.

I don't know if splitting my week up between Sydney and Newcastle is getting any easier, but hopefully i'm getting there. Life here in Newcastle is proving to be quite interesting...the past week at uni has involved  a (free) buffet dinner on campus whilst taking part in a mass skype video call with a surgeon WHILE he was operating on a boy in a hospital in Vietnam. 

And on friday night after having dinner and drinks with my tutor and tutor group (yes I know) I went to a friend's house party which was a weird experience, not knowing anyone. May have involved a dodgy guy sidling up to me and offering me a ziplock bag filled with equally dodgy substances. A few days later, I bumped into said dodgy guy while shopping at the local Woolies. Very awkward.

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  1. I enjoyed the artistic photos

  2. your photos are amazing my dear, and those pancakes!! :p xx

  3. nice photos like every time I visit your blog!!!
    Have a nice weekend!!!

  4. Amazing the exhibition and what a breakfast! love it


  5. These photos are so amazing it makes my eyes hurt. So lovely.

  6. museum trips are the best!! i was in Syndey for the first time 2 years ago and absolutely loooooved it. i really plan to move there eventually, when i'm done with LA! haha


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