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I bought this bag a couple of weeks ago, and thought I'd post a few photos of it since I'm kind of in love with it now! It...

I bought this bag a couple of weeks ago, and thought I'd post a few photos of it since I'm kind of in love with it now! It's a black Michael Kors "Joan" satchel which I believe is discontinued now (not sure why) but I basically bought it because it fits my camera. Before this, for more than a year I carried around a tiny bag which fit my wallet and not much else, leaving my camera to be abused by the elements whilst hanging on my shoulder. So after a lot of searching around I just took the plunge and got this one because it's super roomy, good quality, leather and has a long strap etc. Plus the lockable zips is pretty cool. And the  bowler shape.

Enough of that! I always feel a bit odd posting about "new stuff I bought" since it feels a bit superficial and materialistic... but that is probably just me? Funny fact though, I took these photos at the train station while bored and waiting an hour for the train to Sydney. After flitting around my bag for a good 15 minutes snapping away, I realised a man 5 metres away was staring at me the entire time. He merely smirked and looked away. Weird girl takes narcissistic photos of her bag. Yep, that's me.

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  1. That is so beautiful! I've recently been given a new bag I have not had a chance to photograph yet, and I should be getting another one in the mail soon - I'm turning into such a bag person!

  2. LOVE your bag and my sister and I had a similar incident. We were taking photos of ourselves then some random guy came to us. He said he was just looking at us in a corner and he said he was amused. Yep, we do those things if we're out and about.

  3. What a beauty.. one of my friends at work has a Michael Kors bag which she lovingly calls MIchael.. haha I have people stare at me on occasion too- what is that girl doing taking a pic of her hand/shoes/bag?? Ahh. xx

  4. haha I always feel a bit odd when posting about stuff I bought, but then again i loveeeeeeeee peeking at what other people have bought. Inspires me to do more shopping.. not that that's necessarily a good thing :( Great bag though- defs reflects your personality!

  5. Annie! Its been awhile!!! *swoons* Michael kors!! I just bought my first MK bag in the states when i was there. You would die at the prices , theyre so much more cheaper than australia >_<
    How much was your bag? If you dont mind me asking?


    1. Hi priscilla! I AM jealous of the prices, even on US sites (that conveniently don't ship to AUS) it is SO much cheaper :(. I bought mine off eBay because I couldn't find it anywhere else because of its discontinuation, but luckily snagged a great deal...I think I got it for around $150 instead of like $400 RRP. Which funnily enough is cheaper than my MK wallet LOL

      would love to see your new bag too ;)


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