moving too fast

Wtf does that even mean? I scribbled down a bit of a poem the other day and put it on my wall because it stuck with me. I didn't...

Wtf does that even mean? I scribbled down a bit of a poem the other day and put it on my wall because it stuck with me. I didn't know why at the time but staring up at it now, I realise why. Life is today, not about tomorrow, not yesterday. After all the overthinking, and fuss perhaps I just need to slow down and focus on that.

Anyway, these are just some photos from one of the long train trips to sydney. There is always something calming about them.

And this blogging thing is getting a bit ridiculous. I don't know if it's because I have nothing to post, have no time to post or simply forget this blog exists. Need to lift my game!

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  1. When did you get a new header? I like it. And I always enjoy sunset photos. I have one from when I was in Australia (granted; it was from when I was in Queensland), and it is just as blood-red as the sky is here. It's so amazing to be able to experience the same sky and sun in completely different atmospheres.

    And don't worry about the blogging! I am getting overwhelmed with other things, so I'm quite behind, too! However, if you're more sporadic, people kind of flock to your new post; they are curious to see what you have been up to! It keeps us in anticipation. :)

  2. I absolutely adore sunsets! And I love long trips too. :)

  3. wonderful pictures! big like for your blog!

    take a look at my blog too if you want on

  4. You always take the best pics! Ah I totally agree. And the whole blogging can't force it. Sometimes I'm in the zone and post heaps..other times I have writer's block.

    x x Stace

  5. I love a good sunset, and this one here is breathtaking! the amount of times I am on a train and wish I had my camera with me is ridiculous! I live in brisbane and my family lives on the sunshine coast, so I often travel up by train to see them. In a couple of weeks I start prac and have to be on a train at 6am! imagine the beautiful skies I could capture! I'll have to take my camera along with me every now and again, so I can capture the elegance that you so gracefully have here <3

  6. hands down, i flipping love this blog! and don't fret, if your blog isn't your life then you're probably living yours! enjoy dear good luck with all xx

  7. i don't want you to forget your blog :( i love your pictures and texts, i would even read it when you just blog once a year!

  8. I haven't visited your blog but I do love your new header. And please don't quit blogging. Just take all the time you need. =)


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