Epic Date and Other Moments

Here are some photos from here and there, in my 'Other' folder.  Frozen berries for breakfast Australian Open of Surfin...

Here are some photos from here and there, in my 'Other' folder. 

Frozen berries for breakfast

Australian Open of Surfing crowd at Manly Beach

Skirt and softest cashmere jumper ever from Free People.
 First time I've bought from FP (most of the time I just ogle at the impossibly beautiful and impossibly expensive clothes). Unfortunately the skirt is way too big which means i'm a US size 0 or 00...which is impossibly scary...

Sandy's new cat that peed in my mom's new car. No-one sits in the front seat anymore.

R playing Blitz while waiting in a swanky organic cafe. Our high score is something like 500 000, with one boost. Pretty sure this game is the sole reason why I want an iPhone...

Buckwheat pancakes in the aforementioned organic cafe.

Rose tea. Trust me, it tastes better than it looks.

I lost my macaron virginity, FINALLY. After seeing everyone post hipster photos of macarons everywhere, I thought 'seriously...are they that amazing that everyone has them for breakfast, lunch and dinner...'. So we went to Zumbo's and bought every single flavour. Quite an interesting experience to be passing around one macaron between 6 people so we could each take a miniscule bite. We all agreed that the gin and tonic one was absolutely ghastly.

A sweet message R left behind in my new room when I just moved up to Newcastle.

Breakfast staple: fresh cheese and tomato toastie. My sandwich press is probably among my top 3 most prized possessions.


I'm not sure...

Found this one random photo R took of me in Hunter Valley.

Now speaking of DATE...

Last wednesday R and I decided (ok, more I..you know boys) to go on a proper date, one where we dress up and go out and basically do anything other than vegetate at home in pajamas. The plan was to book and eat at a nice restaurant, watch Titanic 3D at IMAX and try macarons for the first time. I can tell you now that none of these things happened.

What DID happen though was this:
Got picked up at my house by R, late. Which is ok, more primping time. R complains of horrific traffic. Probably will be late for our dinner booking. That's ok, too. Proceed to drive at a glacial pace due to horrific traffic. Much swearing and rage ensues from R. We decide to take an alternative route to dodge the traffic for an extra...500 metres? All is swell until we crash.

By crash I mean we kissed the back of the car in front of us, and by kissed I mean pashed. Or maybe borderline assaulted. So there we were parked on the side of the road with R's parent's new car minorly dented in the front and the back of the other car majorly munted. Definitely missed dinner now.

Long story short, the couple in the other car were nice and cool, details were exchanged while I tottered precariously out to the middle of the road to retrieve bits of R's car that had fallen off. We continued on our date in silence.

Empty parking lot at 1am, after our date.

After eating dinner last minute at another restaurant, we dashed over to IMAX where we were told all tickets for Titanic were sold out for the next week. Decide to walk to another cinema to watch it. We walked for 30 minutes in freezing cold which was then accompanied by a freezing deluge of rain. Fortunately, the hellish burning in my hobbling feet from my heels was enough to keep me warm. It was also enough to keep us bickering all the way to the cinema, after which we sat down in our seats completely drenched and shitty with each other. That lasted for about 5 minutes. What can I say, popcorn solves everything.

The movie was fantastic. Keeping in mind that the last time I watched it I was probably 8 and not even mature enough to have the hots for Leo. Anyhow halfway through the movie, when Rose stares up at Jack from her descending lifeboat in slow-mo, I start to feel a bit weird. When she leapt off and ran towards Jack, and does the famous "YOU JUMP, I JUMP" thing, I couldn't take it. I completely lost it and sobbed uncontrollably. Out loud, in the middle of the cinema. And I couldn't stop.

Probably not one of my shining moments. But when I looked over at R, he was bawling too.
And THAT completely made my day.

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  1. amazballs lady. need I say more.
    the photography is sensational and I love the story telling!
    quickly becoming my favourite visual space
    ADORE xx

  2. Hi, the pants comes from missguided.com

  3. That last paragraph made me laugh. And, well, it made me a bit emotional, too. I was about nine when I first saw "Titanic," and I didn't entirely "understand." I just thought Leo was this cute older guy and knew it was devastating to watch them lose each other. I've watched it on T.V. since then and, oh my, I lose it every time now. I'm sure I would now if I went to the theaters.

    What a nice collection of 'Other' photos!

  4. these photos are amazing! and, love the last bit about titanic! i saw it three times in the theater when it first came out. sobbed EVERY TIME.
    xx, micol


  5. such a wonderful post! i enjoyed every single picture and word. i guess the date was cool anyway and i'm really looking forward to Titanic 3D, i have to see it, too!

  6. Oh the cat is lovely! And aaaaah I have to watch Titanic!! Have a good day :)

  7. nice blog :)
    Let`s follow each other sweetie!


  8. I love your blog!!!!!
    All photos!!!!
    xoxo from Spain!


  9. we love your photos

    Olivia & Mariam


  10. I'm so happy you wrote on my blog, because now I have you and your fantastic life to follow! thank you for you lovely comments, the same can certainly be said for you :) I had to comment on this post first, because your date story is so wonderful. despite all the dramas! your words & photography is so lovely! I'm off to comment on your other posts now :D

  11. ohh ohh ohh carpark shot is the shit!
    it's perfect, not to mention your little roses :O
    to answer your question, yaaa tony makes brogues!
    these babies are so comfy too which is a tony bianco rarity I find!
    I think I need a titanic moment again, will keep you posted ;) xx

  12. I lost my macaron virginity, FINALLY. - You got me ROFL on this one. I even feel like I'm not yet part of the 21st century cause I'm not instagraming or have an Iphone or Android. Pfft!

    Would love to watch Titanic in 3D but it's not yet showing in my place soon. #thirdworldproblems

  13. One of the greatest posts I have ever read, your date night reminds me of a particular date night I had with my bf, minus the car crash but all inclusive of way too much traffic, lots of yelling and swearing and being shitty with eachother! I love reading you blog, keep up the great work.


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