I'm Back!

So...it's been a month. I'm finally showing my face here again in the form of a fuzzy webcam shot (sorry). But anyway, I ...

So...it's been a month. I'm finally showing my face here again in the form of a fuzzy webcam shot (sorry). But anyway, I figured it's time to start blogging again since I finally feel kind of settled into this new segment of my life. Basically, the past few weeks I've been blundering my way through the various trials and tribulations of living by oneself for the first time. So far, so good. 

Aside from the occasional (read: regular...but I'll talk about that some other day) pang of homesickness, I can safely say I am loving it. I love my new course, the students are great, I get to bike around everyday and I have officially mastered beef stir-fry. Sometimes there's a lonely, quiet night but I try and distract myself by doing completely relevant things, like cornrowing my hair. Which I have also mastered.

See you next post!

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  1. You're sooo pretty! I dont think ive ever seen what you look like haha. ooo living by yourself =o is a big step my bestie moved to a different state and shes been adjusting to it too. Corn rowwwwws personally not a fan but you make em look awesome !!!


  2. aahh i've waited so long for you posting something again haha
    nice picture, you're so pretty ♥ oh so you've finally moved because of studies, right? everything's new, huh =D i think everybody's got homesickness some time but i'm glad to hear that you still enjoy everything else :)

  3. I don't wanna sound creepy, but I love when I get to see your pretty face, haha. Living by yourself for the first time? That sounds scary. I don't think I would be able to do that at this point in my life. I feel like I'm very vulnerable to loneliness lately. But I really admire your strength, Annie. Just know that I'm cheering for you!


  4. when you visiting sydney buttface? :)

  5. you look so bad ass in cornrows and i'm so impressed that you can do them! haha i would probably get half my hair in a giant knot :/
    and living on your own! i can only imagine how that would be, cant wait to experience it - hopefully everything settles well for you and your new place treats you well :)
    and thanks so much for your sweet comment hehe, you're too lovely <3
    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  6. You look amazing! Love the one-sided cornrows...very Alicia Keys! :) Nice to hear that you're slowly easing in with uni and living by yourself. Keep it up! <3

  7. I absolutely MUST get to the Hunter - lovely pictures!

    Friend in Fashion

  8. Ah, u´re back, we´ve missed you! xo
    -Anni, Finland


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