NYE, Sydney 2012 This is probably my favourite picture I have taken recently; it's currently my wallpaper. I can't put my fing...

NYE, Sydney 2012

This is probably my favourite picture I have taken recently; it's currently my wallpaper. I can't put my finger on why I like it so much but perhaps it has to do with the boy's carefree lit up smile, his angsty brother or the sparklers fizzling like fireworks or maybe the harbour bridge winking in the corner. Maybe even the random (annoying) people marring the background, or the sky darkening slowly on the last day of the year. But mostly I think it's because I captured a magical moment that would have been lost otherwise, and unbeknownst to anyone at the time...including me.

This summer has been the busiest one I've ever had in my life, hands down. The best part is it's not even over. In the past few days alone I have finished my research project, gone on a training camp for a uni program where I made so many new friends, wandered around in the dark while drunk and somehow managed not to fall in the lake that glowed in the dark (true story), returned from camp after which I pulled an allnighter to deliver my presentation at 9am the next morning and this is all on about 12 hours of sleep over 4 days...

AND THEN (this is the best part), later that day on Monday the 30th of January, around 9pm a beautiful baby girl was brought into this world. By none other than R's sister, Liz. 

I know she is beautiful because I was there. 

I even took photos which sucked because it was the first time using a new lens but it doesn't matter because that has to be one of the most magical moments anyone can experience. It makes you realise that life is a fucking miracle and the greatest gift that anyone can give or get. Cherish it and make the most of the magic because nothing else matters!

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  1. That is a gorgeous photo!! I attempted to take photos of sparklers but clearly did not know what setting to have my cam on.
    Congrats to Liz on the new baby!

    x x x Stace

  2. All of your posts always make me smile. :) Your photography and stories are golden!
    This post in particular gave me a warm feeling inside--with your gorgeous capture and the touching story of the newborn child. <3

    Glad everything is going well!


  3. I'm really fascinated by how babies get born. It's weird and scary to know that something lives inside another person and when it pops out it becomes this precious, beautiful and totally different person. It's just so magical, isn't it?

  4. Thank you! :)
    you make wonderful pictures too :)

  5. that's really an amazing picture! and i love your text :)


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