3 Days Young

| Tiny hand gripping my finger | More tiny hand | Dreaming | ...More tiny hand | Cradled by her mother | This is little Jessica...

| Tiny hand gripping my finger | More tiny hand | Dreaming | ...More tiny hand | Cradled by her mother |
This is little Jessica, 3 days after she was born. A new human being! We were quite fixated on her tiny little grabbing hands with the perfectly formed, tiny fingernails. Well, at least I was. I know R is super chuffed about being an uncle and picturing what she will be like when she grows up as he keeps talking about how he is going to teach her tennis and how I must teach her piano...

I can't wait to (hopefully) keep taking beautiful photos of her as she grows up. Something about her and babies just brings out this gooey, maternal tendency in me. I am well aware that for the vast majority, they spend their time pooping, eating and crying but when they are sleeping peacefully, content or when they look at you with those shiny inquisitive eyes...how can you not melt inside?! At least they haven't reached that bratty little monster stage like my 6 year old sister. I'm joking, I love her most of the time.

In other news, R and I will be embarking on our mini holiday in less than 2 days! Fingers crossed the weather isn't too awful in Hunter Valley or the Gold Coast. If it is, I am going to wear my bikinis out in the rain anyway, you watch me.

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  1. Such a sweet little face. I don't know which photo I like better--the first one or the second one. How big was she when she was born? Her hand looks so much bigger than the baby hands around here, Haha. :)

  2. Wow, thx. I like your photos on your Blog . Great pictures !

  3. these are the cutest pictures ever! i love love those tiny hands xx i always say i'm never going to have children! (that's me now- my 25 year old self saying that) but yes, one day when that maternal instinct kicks in, it might be very very different haha x so is this your baby or your friends? anyway, it's such an exciting thing xx

    go to the goldcoast! i'm not sure where you plan to stay, but i'm absolutely in love with Q1 and the Mantra x please take photos of surfers paradise and enjoy the sun for all of us xx

  4. so much hair!! I'd love to see her reaction when one day when she's old enough to use the internet and sees her whole life documented on your blog hehe. have a wonderful holiday annie! take lots of photos :D

  5. She looks so adorable! And I hope you have a great time at Hunter Valley and the Gold Coast, the weather forecast is looking pretty good for this week!

  6. shes so cute with so so so much hair!!


  7. How do I keep missing your posts on my dashboard?!?!?

    Jessica is so tiny and cute! Do you notice that she doesn't have cuticles on her fingernails yet? I'm marveling at the little baby fat creases on her wrist and the fine down she still has. This is going to be such an exciting photographic journey for you!


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