Waiting for the 1st

So this is how I spent New Years Eve. Getting fried in the day and being frozen by night, waiting for hours and hours amongst children, fam...

So this is how I spent New Years Eve. Getting fried in the day and being frozen by night, waiting for hours and hours amongst children, families, large men in deck chairs, mini BBQs and music coming from someone's tinny radio. 

This is after hiking kms up and down and around Balls Head in search of the right place to set up camp whilst lugging several shopping bags full of fuel (Richard insisted on cabanossi and salmon. There was also chicken curry somewhere in there?) and my bag filled with 2 cameras, a book, cardigan and toothbrush amongst other crap to keep us entertained. But that's just how it goes on new years, where families park a carload of stuff including the kitchen sink to bag a good vantage point at least 12 hours before the fireworks are due.

 | Thanks R for making me wait at this station for over an hour! |

 | The view from our spot, worth it |

| Waiting around |

| Family talks |

| Summation of the evening: We sat around eating |

| Boat party going on |

| City in the afternoon |

| Waiting in the sunset|

| Waiting for the sunset|

| City glinting in the distance |

| Playing with sparklers |

| A plant. |

 | Getting ready for the fireworks |

And finally!

Sorry about the quality of the fireworks photos. I can tell you there were many times when I had the sneaking urge to steal the various unattended tripods around me, just to get ONE unblurry shot no thanks to my shaky hands. 

But its hard to think about anything when everyone starts jumping, shouting and laughing and counting down those last 10 seconds. I live for that moment. There is a reason why New Years is my favourite day of the year and it has probably got to do with the atmosphere, of having thousands of people flood out in happy flocks, having people jostling, bickering, lazing around in the heat but all waiting to welcome the New Year. Strangers cheering, dancing and clapping drunkenly together as the fireworks go off. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT?

Plus fireworks are pretty. So sparkly...
Anyhow, I won't bore you with anymore details; I suspect there may be people out there who don't share the same sentiments that I do! But I hope you have had a lovely first week :)

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  1. wow. excellent pictures. love the firework! so nice. thanks for sharing these moments!

    Lovely Greets
    Maren Anita

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  2. cool shots, the sunset and firework ones are amazing! happy new year :) xx

  3. your night shots are awesome ! :)


  4. It all looks amazing, and you got some great firework shots! I can't wait to be somewhere hot and sunny next New Years Eve!

  5. Holy cow. That is so amazing. It sounds like a fantastic day, and something to really experience. I would definitely say that your stakeout was well worth this. These are stunning.

  6. wow, so beautiful! I´ve spent two new years eves in Sydney (back in the day:) and hoping to be able to come back for nye 2013! xo
    - Anni, Finland

  7. Such a superduper selection of phots, and looks like a great day. I never used to like New years Eve that much but I think you're right - it's fun. Bringing in the new year with a smile is a good way to go.

    Emily x

  8. such a pretty sunset! i've always wanted to visit australia


  9. these pictures are beautiful! so colorful :)
    and the firework photos are amazing! don't understand your problem =D

  10. was für wunderwundervolle Fotos und was für ein wirklich beeindruckender Ort, wow! :)
    ♥, Peppie

  11. Dude, your photos are amazing once again!! Not blurry at all!
    Sounds like a fun day, food and view = perfection :)
    Yay for 2012!


  12. Gah the firework pictures are so pretty Annie! And those sunset photos i think i have a thing for them lols.


  13. dude they don't look blurry at all.. unless it's my eyes.. no wait if it was my eyes then i should be the one saying they're blurry.. ANYWAY. I love your timeline format! Felt like I totally lived the moment hehe. Happy new year annie! I really enjoyed reading your blog this year- can't wait to see what's in store for 2010 :D

  14. I love New Year's day! One of my favorite days too. This year I didn't spend it in Rio, but if you get the chance to go one day, you'll really like it!

    The pictures are not blurry at all! Love them, and the ones before the fireworks are awesome too. The one with the sun and sky looking orange...my favorite. I have a thing for sunsets anyway lol

    Take Care! xx

  15. it's incredible!! :)


  16. I love the firework pictures. Looks like a great night :)



  17. WHY were you apologizing about the firework photo quality!!!??? Those photos are BRILLIANT!!!

    I especially love the sunset one. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE it.


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