What Makes You Happy?

I'm actually so happy to make this a regular thing, I must say it's kind of therapeutic!  Following  THIS   p...

I'm actually so happy to make this a regular thing, I must say it's kind of therapeutic! 
Following THIS post, these are the things which made me happy in the past couple weeks:

1. A perfectly executed piece of toast for breakfast
You know that delicious, warm crunch?
2. Raindrops in my garden, and finally getting the shot
This photo of a tiny branch on a bush in my garden was taken from my 2nd storey bedroom window. 
Thank you hands for being so shaky and eventually delivering the shot after 100 tries. 
3. A new box of amazing chocolate
Self explanatory.
4. Making wishes
They do come true, you know.
5. Lovely textures
Soft leather and brown paper...I could roll around in it...
6. Being organised
Clean room= clean mind!
7. Blackouts in my street
Having every single ridiculous electronic appliance switched off and lighting candles around the house.
8. Daydreaming
Of being somewhere really, really far away.

9. Messages on post-its to myself
About getting rid of self-doubt and saying 'fuck you' to all those negative voices in your head.
Believing that you CAN, because you really really can.
(Apologies for language)

Now it's your turn to answer!

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  1. A BIG FAT BURGER <3 teehee!

    Great photos again! I will someday learn how to take photos with my slr ! hahaha


  2. I love this!!! I'm definitely stealing the idea. :)

  3. Hahaha. I love the last picture. I can totally relate to Number Two. My hands are awfully shaky, and I have a difficult time NOT taking blurry photos. I always end up using my knee or another object as a make-shift tripod. Your cloud photo-the one with the blurred chain link fence-is probably my favorite. As for what makes me happy? Well, if you want to be humorous, CATS. If you want to be serious, morning sunshine stretching across the carpet. The smell of basil in the kitchen. Hugs. Driving with good music.

  4. such nice pictures, Annie :) the cake ♥
    and i wanted to tell you that i actually don't have an iphone, it's samsung galaxy s XD

  5. beautiful photographs! i love the second from the last, awesome :D i love your blog <3

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)


  6. Yay, amazing photos and lovely to see another of these posts! What makes me happy at the moment is receiving unexpected lovely emails! xx

  7. That last post-it cracked me up. But yes, warm crusty bread is probably the solution to everything...it's like world peace. :P

    xx THE CHEAP

  8. wooow amazing photo !! love your blog dear ! wanna follow each other? follow me if you love and i'll follow back !

  9. All of these pictures make me happy. Yummy foods, beautiful clothes, pretty scenes and more yummy foods :') Your photos are gorgeous and I really do adore your blog xxx

  10. i love this post :) i think it's such a good idea to stop and think about (and even take pictures of...) the little things that are making you happy. life's too short to be grumpy and ungrateful!


  11. Totally relate to Number 1!! hehe just the right amount of crunchiness!
    Ive been lazy these holidays so i guess my comfy bed makes me happy, and also getting the right amount of sleep.
    Free stuff is always the best kind of happiness cos it comes at no price! Hope it gets more sunnier in Sydney!


  12. that post-it rocks xx

    and so do those gold rings whatever they are!

  13. This post is perfect ! And these photographs are beautiful !

  14. What made me happy today: ice cream treat! food tastes so much yummier when it's free =)


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