Quite possibly the most random combination of photos, but this is what I got up to these past weekends. 1. Loiter...

Quite possibly the most random combination of photos, but this is what I got up to these past weekends.

1. Loitering
2. Eating pizza
3. WW birthday
4. More pizza
5. Most amazing lamb ribs, eaten on a special day
6. Restaurant where said lamb ribs were consumed
7. Friend's 21st birthday
8. Boys writing 21st speeches
9. Overpriced gnocchi with pumpkin and pine nuts
10. Admiring pointy stars on Xmas trees
11. Dancing in a garage

On top of this, I've done some mandatory Xmas shopping, visited relatives, slept a lot and stared wistfully at my camera sitting on my desk not doing anything when I come home from work. But i'm trying to get out of this rut, helped along that R and I are going to cook big Christmas dinners for both our families, on consecutive days (i'm just praying no-one gets food poisoning and his family doesn't hate me :() and New Years is looming. We did finally book our little holiday in the Gold Coast and Hunter Valley for February so I am quite excited for that! 

Hope your holidays have also been super :)

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  2. The conbination can be random, but i really like it! Specially the first picture, it reminds me of a movie i saw that begins with this guy walking this street donwhill all by himself.

    Take Care, dear!

  3. That first photo is phenomenal!
    I love the expression on that guy's face as he's looking at the cheesy pizza, haha.


  4. definitely agree- that first photo is beautiful :) i love a good random photo post! i'm sure your christmas feast will be amazing!

    ps. thanks so much for the flight tips, anything to make those lonnnng hours on the plane a little easier!! you must be excited about having a little holiday too-- ahhh i so love this time of year x

  5. Nice photo quality. Beautiful pictures.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  6. That random loitering shot is genius haha it looks cool :) Lotsa food and events and friends~ And plans to come! How exciting. Im still cooped up at home tryna stay the hell away from anything shopping related @__@ And just looking forward to my birthday! Have fun on your holiday im so jealous i wont be going anywhere this yr

  7. You did have a bit of a random weekend, but it's nice that you were able to do everything! Looking at your pictures of food made me incredibly hungry! Oh, gosh ... so hungry. :) And pointy stars are always worth admiring.

  8. ooh walking in the middle of the road- what a rebel :P haha and the last photo looks like some illegal meth lab boiling away in a garage :D

  9. Ah your photographs are always gorgeous !

  10. Happy birthday to your friend! Looks like you're enjoying your break so far. :P

  11. You're unstoppable! LOVE the photos, as always! I haven't done any Holiday shopping which requires more leg work than running. Love Christmas/New Year but I hate the Holiday rush.

    Have a fun Holiday, Annie! <3

  12. the first one is simply gorgeous!

  13. love these pictures, especially the first one :)


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