Season for Feasting

FOOD MADE AND EATEN DURING CHRISTMAS The dishes R and I made were:  Lamb and asparagus salad Chilli and tu...


The dishes R and I made were: 
Lamb and asparagus salad
Fruit Salad
Garden Salad
Bacon and chives potato salad
Chocolate caramel brownies

They're all pictured above (except for the baked potatoes) and I've linked them to the recipes we've used in case anyone is interested. Promise they're all super easy and tasty (even the turkey!). Can't quite bear to link the brownie recipe I use though since I've made them at least 5 times and they are too delicious and thus dangerous to be shared :P

Overall, Christmas was a success!! R and I cooked dinner for his family and mine and there were no major dramas. No-one was hospitalised from food-poisoning, both parental parties approved and the most major fight we had was who got to use the only sharp knife in the house. Success! Other than when his mom told me off for 'cutting the oranges the wrong way', anyway. The days following Christmas were much the same; spending time with family, giving and receiving presents and generally bludging around.

I can't quite believe tomorrow is the last day of the year and can't help thinking it's come too soon and that I'm not ready for the new year. Which is ridiculous because it's not like anything changes at all. I mean we all know how well those resolutions are kept... Anyhow I'm excited to go and see the fireworks in Sydney harbour (hopefully) and welcome a whole new year where I will be smarter, stronger, better and go after the things which I've been too scared to go after before. See you next year :)

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  1. The Holidays leave me in a constant food-coma and I'm very excited for NYE. 2011 has been so good to me. I don't have any resolution but if there is, it's to have a smaller waistline than my boyfriend. XD

    <3 the food porn and photos, as always. Happy New Year, Annie! :)

  2. *drools* very yummy photos! I want to eat all of them! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  3. What amazing food! I'm so impressed :p Glad all went well without arguments.. hehe you get to welcome in the new year first, I'm going to be staying in this year I think! xx

  4. Everything looks so yummy! Good work guys, I would honestly eat them all.. If I got the chance to, and if I wasn't vegetarian. Haha!

    Sounds like you had a really good xmas!

  5. you are making me hungry! haha Happy Holidays! :)

  6. oh gosh your food photos make my food fotos look crappy! AHAHA *drools* over your pics.
    Great job on cooking!
    Thanks for being a follower :DD I look forward to your posts in 2012!!

  7. oh my gosh the lighting is so beautiful!!

  8. I wish I had eaten this Christmas dinner - it looks absolutely amazing!

  9. The lighting looks so good in these photos! And I wish I had the stuff you made for Christmas!

  10. aww really yummy pictures. i would eat everything haha

  11. Dear god this food looks incredible

  12. I am so impressed..I am left with no more words.


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