On Sunday R and I visited Outpost , a street art exhibition on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. It was overcast, gloomy and drizzling whi...

On Sunday R and I visited Outpost, a street art exhibition on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. It was overcast, gloomy and drizzling which I suppose was fitting for the whole de-constructed warehouse, grungy vibe the island has going on. (It used to be a prison and shipyard.) This of course went perfectly went with the art on display. 

We visited most of the exhibits in under an hour before it closed which was probably because we didn't exactly stand in front of all the murals pondering their profound meanings, unlike some of the other visitors. You know those overhead conversations in art galleries?

Stranger 1: This one is amazing. My favourite so far.
Stranger 2: Oh yes! Just look at the layers, the detail. Simply amazing.
Stranger 3: Love the technique, so intricate. Especially up close... it's such a complex piece.

We overhead this exchange from some arty types. Perhaps we were missing a certain enthusiasm but it was really just a  jewel-toned mural of a girl with fish. Anyway, whilst R kept making comments like "this one is so artsy-fartsy" or "a 5 year old could have built this", some of the work on display was pretty cool and it was nice to wander around and discover a few really stand-out artworks.

After traversing through all the warehouses and squelching through puddles we caught the ferry back and had dinner- big bowls of steaming ramen. So good.

Also, i'm sorry I haven't been posting much. I actually have a bajillion photos of the stuff I got up to on the weekend which I will post up soon. It's feels pretty full on working every day and then going out on the weekend, and some weeknights. In between all that I just want to go home and crawl into bed and curl up in foetal position. Rest. I think I need it as I'm starting to get a bit rundown. 

But! I will find some time to sift through my hard-drive and come up with a few photos to show you all. I haven't even looked at any of your blogs at all recently, nor have I tackled my gigantic to-do list or my email inbox so I need to do that. Baby steps, baby steps.

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  1. omg! what for a wonderful post. it's really my taste. i love these artworks! wonderful.the colours, the pattern, the mix with the boxes, the shirts hanging in seperate colours...everything is amazing. thanks so much for sharing!

    lovely greets
    and a wonderful week
    maren anita


  2. I probably wouldn't know what to say either, ha! I would have enjoyed going, but I don't know what constitutes "good graffiti/art" from "bad graffiti/art." I would have snapped pictures like you. Speaking of, you have so many! This is awesome, and it's nice that you ended up with your own artwork. Like the other commenter, I like the separate colored t-shirts and the photo of the boxes. It's beautifully disorganized. I hope things calm down for you!

  3. These pictures look absolutely AWESOME!!! The skull one is my fave haha i love skulls! Ahh Ajisen Ramen thats what i had last week nomnomnom! oxox


  4. Um, guy hanging upside down?

    Does look pretty interesting though, even if I am the kind of person who'd stand there and say "my five year old niece could do better." That bus looks super rad.

  5. Wow. Seeing this makes me feel like I have been living under a rock for the past month or two. I wish I went to see this wonderful exhibition.

  6. i looove that underground-like gallery section on display. such a good setting! i feel like i've seen those b&w massive animal (rat?) stencils/prints on the wall. check this out and tell me if you think so..? x


  7. Having a date in art museums/exhibits is one of my favorites =) Or, well, even a date with myself. Haha! I just love looking at them artsy pieces. I wish we had ones as huge as this here in our place.

  8. There's a place called Outpost just a few blocks away from our house and they don't really have artsy stuff on the wall, at least not as good as the one you've visited. It's a place where aspiring musicians play. Well, not just aspiring but even the legends. I like the Bohemian vibe from the photos. They're lovely, as always.

  9. It's bordering like, really creepy due to the abandoned structures and what not but the bright colors and art kind of take off that edge.

  10. Whoa... is that a real person hanging there? Is that his job? How long does he hang there for?


  11. O wow it looks like a great shoot location lol.


  12. all these places and all these photographs are soo inspiring.
    memories and art captured and wrapped in magic.
    love it!

  13. waah, i want to visit that place, too! :O


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