Yum Yum...and My Letterbox....

Thought I might post some of the photos of food I ate this week that have been piling up: Richard made this. Termed "Dragon Fi...

Thought I might post some of the photos of food I ate this week that have been piling up:

Richard made this. Termed "Dragon Fire Chicken" because he went a little bit overboard with the seasoning...but delicious nonetheless.

Peppery eggs.

Weet-bix (just an Australian thing?), mangos and kiwi.

Giant slightly over-cooked omelette with potatoes (?) in it for breakfast by Coogee beach. Could not finish it.

Avocado on herb-y bread that I can't remember the name of. Eaten while drawing the spinal cord.

Cranberry juice + guava nectar + chia seeds.
Like a combination of all my favourite things and best to drink first thing in the morning!

I'm contemplating whether I should start taking photos of every meal that I have to document what I eat. It might be an interesting project...but on the other hand, most of the time I eat sushi- and lots of it- so it might not be so interesting after all...


IN OTHER NEWS, my halloween has been mostly uneventful and boring what with it being smack bang in the middle of finals. One thing that did happen on halloween, however, is this:

R reversed into my letterbox and subsequently turned it into a pile of rubble. The look on my dad's face (he was watching the whole thing) was not a happy one. R sort of begged me not to post this but clearly it is my job to report all events accurately here. Plus, it was wayy too funny to pass up ;)

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  1. Oh my your letterbox! :P That dragon fire chicken looks deeelicious!

  2. that avocado bread looks amazing! such a simple but yummy idea! :)

  3. You've just made me one incredibly hungry person. It all looks amazing!


  4. WOW!! All of that food looks delicious! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, the third photo is from The Exorcist (this is the scene the photo is from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-NX98ppXaE )
    Enjoy, haha xoxo!!

  5. Gnam gnam!I want eat noww!!come to see my blog you can also win my GUCCI Giveaway


  6. yumm for the first image! :)
    xoxo, Betül


  7. The amount of food pr0n this post has made me so hungry.

    Man the car did some damage, but the question is who has it worst the letterbox or the car?

  8. I think you should do food pictures. These are nice! And made me drool.

    On another note, can't believe your letterbox got backed into! Did you fix it?

  9. Everything looks super yummy, you almost had me craving plain wheatbix! And the last picture is priceless!

  10. looks so delicious! very pretty pictures on your blog :)

  11. Food looks delicious wish those were my breakfast

  12. WOW! How come my food never looks that good? Probably because I always just eat crap.

    That's funny/incredibly unfortunate for your mailbox. I hope his car was okay too!


  13. Looooove food photography. These all look delicious, but I am totally going to give that drink a go (gauva is my fav!).

    Thanks for sharing.


  14. WOOOOOW!!! The food looks delicious! I love that you're eating healthy! About the weet-bix Australian thing, I also love a very similar cereal to that only it's is called Weetabix! <3

  15. Dragon Fire Chicken, how more chili could it get? Haha! Sorry about your mailbox. Although I find it funny, too :P

  16. Oh yum yum!!! Great picture posts. Love 'em all. I'm envious of your photography skills! Wish I improve. :D


  17. nomnomnomnom
    Your blog is amazing
    Following you hope you do the same here <3

  18. Your food shots are amazing! All the food looks so good, especially the weet-bix. can't wait to visit Australia one day!

    Sorry about your mailbox! Although you seemed to find humor in it x)

  19. everything looks so yummy! i love the colors in the photos :)

  20. My goodness! This food looks scrumptious. You eat really well. You're a lucky girl!

  21. omg! what a yummy post! and that Cranberry juice + guava nectar + chia seeds looks so interesting!

  22. I've been obsessing over cranberry and pomegranate juice for months now and that drink just looks yummys!! Eeeek at the letterbox >< haha im sure the replacement letter box will look more awesome?!


  23. D R O O L I N G!! i def need some sort food now!!! fab blog you have doll! X


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