What Makes You Smile?

In one of those dreadful no good very bad moods right now, and its still morning! But I am determined to have a good da...

In one of those dreadful no good very bad moods right now, and its still morning! But I am determined to have a good day, so here are some of the things that made me :) recently.

1. Long-haired strangers reading on my afternoon bus home.
2. Sportsgirl's colourful ice-cream van.
3.Wandering through the city midday.
4. Lazing around R's house, discovering little things like this sticker.
5. Unexpectedly loving a scent; Miss Dior Cherie smells like strawberries...so good...
6. Writing a giant summer to-do list.
7. Snuggling with my 2 very angry birds.
8. ...in my bed.
9. "I can do anything good!"
10. Lisa Mitchell's "Clean White Love"

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  2. I love that song, it's so lovely.

    These photos are beautiful. Happy posts make me smile.


  3. savour your freedom! one interesting point of my day was finding a new potato peeler in the kitchen. ergh can't wait for chumchillin!

  4. hmm trying to figure out what on earth you could be doing to your letterbox (on your to do list) LOL

  5. Great pictures for great ideas in this blog.
    Please take some time to check out my blog.


  6. On the road. I love being behind the motorcycle with the wind blowing in my hair and my arms wrapped around my lover. ;)

    Makes me smile BIG time. XD

  7. lovely pics~ Im suffering from an earache and studying for my last 2 exams nothing nice about the combo of the two :( So im tryna procrastinate my way through the day ~
    Studded items and skull printed things make me smile and happy ranging from bags to boots to clothing items to accessories haha i prob sound crazy atm.
    Hope you had a nice day :)

  8. Hope your mood improves! Your photos are still so good! You really capture a feeling with your photos.. I really want Miss Dior Cherie, maybe for Christmas.. xx

  9. Having a loving husband and a smart son make me smile always.
    They are my inspiration.

    Your pictures are beautiful! What camera do you use, darling?

  10. @ Mom Fashion World; I used a canon 40d for these photos :)

  11. doing what i love makes me smile :D beautiful photos, and nice video! <3


  12. ah of course, it's summer coming there now :) I love wandering around the city at midday too!
    xoxo, Betül


  13. ah and..these days, there is a french song, its video makes me smile :) (I find it funny a little)
    just right now it's on the TV and I found myself smiling again :D Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G94h2VBff6I
    lyrics are fun too :)


  14. I love the first and second pictures. If you want to be a photographer, i think it's a good choice, cause you've got skills !

    See U

  15. sweet photos, i love angry birds and miss dior cherie :D i hope you're in a better mood today! x

  16. Gorgeous photos. I love that one of the bed. It is the perfect Sunday image

  17. oh Annie, i love your pictures ♥
    don't understand why you don't have more readers, you would really deserve it!

  18. haha, the stamps! that was a while ago and you remember :)! i actually put the this project up because of your recent train post.

    hmm, one thing that has made me happy is on the sims game i play on fb (lol) i bought a bento box decoration. hahahah! i'm kind of embarassed saying this.

  19. hey lovely!
    sorry it took me a while to reply to your post!
    i live like pretty much across the road from ikea!

    comes in pretty handy!
    loving these photos, such an awesome photodiary
    i must say i love making lists too, something rather theraputical about it all



  20. That's a lovely list Annie, simple things that make you smile =) As for what made me smile today, the gloomy weather, the not-so-hard exam, and my little sisters greeting me when I got home <3


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