The Night Sees Red

| Night market lights, North Sydney 8:27pm | "Yum-cha Station" | Couple listening to band | Dutch pancakes | Dude...

| Night market lights, North Sydney 8:27pm | "Yum-cha Station" | Couple listening to band | Dutch pancakes | Dude waiting for food | Severely blurred view of Sydney harbour on moving train | Graffitied windows |

I sat my second last final today (Statistics yum) bright and early at 8:45, after which I slowly- and I mean very slowly- caught a train and bus to R's house where I promptly and efficiently collapsed into bed and slept for many hours. That is what you get when you crawl into bed at 5am the night before... only to wake up an hour at later at 6. Good one Annie...

When I was going to North Sydney station to go home at like 9pm, we passed a night-international-food-market type thing outside Stanton library, complete with a jazz band playing (I think so anyway, they weren't very good), hot food stalls and fairy lights. Unfortunately, as we had no money I just sort of stood around like a cool person sniffing the wafts of quesadillas, dutch pancakes and cooking okonomiyaki. People were strolling through the markets, and there was quite a crowd sprawled on the grass listening to the live music, so it was such a nice vibe.

Right now, I feel a BIT more relaxed/stress-free because of the trip home on an empty train, receiving some unexpected news and the fact that the next final is in a week, which leaves for some breathing room.

Also, completely unrelated: 100 followers!! How?! So thankful to each and everyone of you for sticking with me and reading my rambles and enduring my incessant photo-taking of inanimate objects. THANK YOU!

Sleep well tonight, everyone :)

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  1. I love these red themed photos, they're all so different but tie together neatly! Well done on the second last final!! Not long to go now.. and congrats on 100! :D xx

  2. I love street photography! Good luck with finals, Annie!

  3. ooo GL on the results of your exams! yeah its good to find australian bloggers :))The fotos look amazing and it looked so much fun!
    hehe im the 100th follower! :DDD congrats, i recently reached that number too!

  4. I love your blog... I love all the pictures you posted.

    Cared in following blogs via GFC?
    Check out my blog, let me know if you like it, maybe
    we can follow each other. Looking forward to see you there. Thanks!

  5. u have a really gorgeous blog lovely!
    i'm assuming your somewhere near coogee?!
    so glad i found another sydney blogger!


  6. Your blog has beautiful photography.x

  7. Gorgeous photos!! I want to go to Sydney this Summer.
    Ah story of my life, can't wait til thursday - my last exam is physics ughhh.


  8. Aw thanks for your comment Annie :) Well if you ever come to Melb I can show you around :)

    Do you have twitter?


  9. thankyou for your loveliness! i love the graffitied windows, it creates a gorgeous setting within the train. now following you too! :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  10. all i want is dutch pancakes now!! ;) super rad shots! X

  11. Your blog is a new discovery for me. I'm really enjoying all the beautiful photos you've posted along with the stories to go with ! I'm quite liking the graffitied windows. Keeps the lights out and makes for a snoozier transit.

  12. nice snap shots of the streets, amazing (:

    CMPang x

  13. Congrats on finishing your final! I'm sure all that studying paid off. I wish I ran into international food markets. Australia seems so much cooler than here.


  14. @ Stacee, sorry I don't have twitter unfortunately :(

  15. Wow what stunning photographs! You have a lovely blog!
    Congrats on finishing your final!

    xoxo Jess


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