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Sorry, this post is cloud heavy. (GET IT?!)  No, seriously, it's just full of fluff. Ok, I'll stop. But I couldn'...

Sorry, this post is cloud heavy. (GET IT?!)  No, seriously, it's just full of fluff.
Ok, I'll stop.

But I couldn't resist when I saw the beautiful fat fluffy clouds float past my window yesterday after a morning of rain. Once upon a time, I was obsessed with the weather (along with dinosaurs, ancient Egypt and dressing up as a hobbit...but more on that later) and could identify all the cloud types. I also remember in a regional spelling bee in primary school, one of the words I got was "cirrocumulus" which I smugly spelt right. Gosh I was such a cool kid.  

So of course in a bout of excitement yesterday I whipped out my telephoto (unfortunately my room isn't actually 20 storeys high) and- in the case of the first photo- squished my face against my bedroom window to get these. Dedication! 
But worth it; there's something about clouds that makes me so calm, especially ones that are so fluffy they don't even look real.

ALSO, totally unrelated but I found out that I got some traffic linking to THIS POST and photo from people searching "asians with freckles" on Google images. Also people searching "awesome shopping trolley" somehow clicked over to my blog as well. Ahaha too funny...

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  1. hey again :) and thanks for your comment! I hope your boyfriend will watch the film with you (mine sure did... although he was happy when it ended, haha :D).
    btw, the first photo is the most amazing in my opinion, it's like from a desert movie or something. so cool! you're a great photographer :)
    oh, would you maybe like to become followers as well?

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. I love puns, hahaha. These photos are lovely, I'm with you on the clouds-are-calming thing. They're so serene.

    There are some crazy search terms linking to my blog too: 'cycling outfit' and 'incense stick', haha?


  3. bahahaha you were the cool kid huh!? I remember learning about clouds aswell in primary school. FUN TIMES. I love taking photos of clouds when im walking home from the bus. Theyre so dreamy and relaxing, especially if theres heaps and you try make out shapes in the sky! LOL

  4. I used to take photos od skies earlier)
    love your photos!

  5. Just caught hope with your posts. Loving the photo're simply amazing :)

    xx THE CHEAP

  6. i take SO many photos of the sky (mostly quick snaps on my iPhone), especially on perfect blue sky, fat fluffy cloud days! and you're right, sometimes when you stare at them too hard or for too long, they just don't look real at all! x

  7. I always watching the beautiful sky we have on our heads :D it is beautiful and the sky of Madrid is special


  8. You know what I see when I look up? Grey skies and clouds with snow being thrown everywhere. :P

  9. Clouds are serene to me I get nervous when I dont see any.

  10. Great ideas for fashion and style.

  11. I love taking photos of the sky.
    Also love cloud watching. Best time killer.

  12. gorgeous!

  13. Thanks for the comments, Annie. And for taking time in reading my non-sense. Haha!

    Lovely photos, as always. I love looking at the sky, shows a whole gamut of possibilities. Looking at these photo set makes me want to walk in the clouds. BTW, I love that movie.

  14. your photos are so incredibly perfect, i need to get some photography tips off you girl!
    ahah thats so hilarious about the google search traffic, i get some weird ones too sometimes :/
    hope you're having a lovely week dearie :)
    jessie x
    the weekend project.


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