This is what I got up to on Saturday night:  | Double layered ice-cream cake | Laughing, eating, face-palming | F...

This is what I got up to on Saturday night:

 | Double layered ice-cream cake | Laughing, eating, face-palming | Friends playing with forks | Overexposed photo of my face | Sitting in the park | Milk shots | Waiting for dinner |  Potato gnocchi | Slow-cooked salmon pizza | Selling glowsticks | Late-night pool |

Spending time with good company and good food = good times. We celebrated my friend's birthday, and- unbeknownst to me until I arrived- mine as well (even though mine is in a week). Suddenly things made sense (why R was being mysteriously keen and why I got multiple urgent phone calls from friends wondering if I was ever going to show up) and at the same time I felt so stupid and ridiculous for moping the past few days and complaining to R that no-one cared about me yadda yadda. BUT ANYWAY.

We spent the day eating, and eating. Somewhere in there were a lot of silly moments like lounging around in Hyde park, being forced to do milk shots, and watching a certain boy walking around with a picture of Bieber on his crotch (?!) like the cool person he is. Also watched the icecream cake melt (icecream and m&ms is seriously the best combo ever) and subsequently bottled the melted cake....to do cake shots. Delicious, I know. We then headed to Eat Love Pizza for a hearty meal, played a bit of pool, and did some general gallivanting around.

And somehow, coincidentally, there were fireworks on in Darling Harbour.

| Better photos next post! |

I really don't think the night could have turned out any better!

Also, my friends gave me a Pandora bracelet with a couple of beads/charms on it including a soccer ball which alludes to how we met (violent soccer game involving too much shin kicking). I was and am still so touched by the thought behind it and solemnly pledged to wear it everyday, which is helped by the fact that I can't actually get it off...

Still, the thought of a couple of guys crammed in a jewellery store stringing and restringing a bracelet because they "had to see which beads looked good with each other" is too cute. I am so blessed to have such lovely people in my life :'-)

And- just quietly- I hate you blogger for being a complete bitch and making me redo this post, after deleting it. 3 TIMES. Really appreciate it.

P.S. I LOVED reading your responses to the What makes you smile? post, so much that they gave me warm and fuzzies and I am contemplating making it a regular thing...? Would love to know what you think!

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  1. Epic pics, I love food pics and even though I've just eaten lunch I'm hungry all over again, especially for the ice cream cake!! You look pretty as ever :) And sounds like a lovely birthday, glad it all turned out so well! And yes, do do more What makes you smile? posts xx

  2. Pretty as ever, Annie! Reminds me of your entry about freckles :) Belated happy birthday!! Glad you had a blast! And personalized gifts--them having to choose the beads themselves so that it would be "so you" rather than buying one that's ready made--are the sweetest!

  3. OMG that cake looks delish! Actually all the food is making me crave a night out ! Sounds like you had a wonderful time hehe good to hear your crappy previous day was replaced with this awesome day full of celebrations!
    Ive been cooped up studying and dealing with exams T_T


  4. Just come across your lovely little blog, that cake looks divine! Now following you sweet :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  5. You defiantly has the best day ever! Beautiful pictures and your friends sound adorable helping you in Pandora!

    Girl about Town XxX

  6. Belated Happy Birthday! Aww I love fireworks! <3 The pictures look awesome as always. May I ask what cam do you use? Thanks a lot! :)

  7. the cake is too cute not to appreciate!! and i love yoiur outfit!


  8. Is that R in the background of the photo with you in it? :D And awww was one of the beads a "wrapped present/gift"? (that's the only pandora bead I know.. oh actually my friend has an ugly monkey one but I don't think your friends would've given you an ugly monkey bead :P hehe)

  9. Your blog is so gorgeous! These photos are so amazing!

  10. oh gosh-- that ice cream cake looks amazing. especially cos it's so hot outside! i don't think i've had ice cream cake since i was a kid, but i could definitely go some right about now :)


  11. =] heya tagged you in my latest post!
    cheers for the stephen king book i'll look into it!

  12. The cake looks amazing! And oooh, you're from Sydney also. It's always interesting looking at posts from people who live in the same city as me.

  13. @ Jeenee, I used a Canon 40d for the photos in this post :)

    @ miss tea, yes it is ;)

  14. Annie, you're gorgeous. I always love seeing pictures of you!



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