Standing Outside Zara

Remember when Zara came to Sydney and everyone made a huge deal about it? I suppose it's not as crazy-hectic as it was in the first few...

Remember when Zara came to Sydney and everyone made a huge deal about it? I suppose it's not as crazy-hectic as it was in the first few months it opened- I remember R&I barely lasted 5 minutes in that store with all the jostling people, claws out yanking clothes off racks left, right and centre. ("Annie, how come they don't even look at what they're grabbing?!" he asked.)

Anyway, after a lazy non-happening day at uni, we walked about the city a bit.

| Zara on Pitt St. | Westfield | Buildings along the Pitt St strip | Centrepoint Tower | Inside the Strand Arcade |

I thought it was strange how the super sleek new Westfields join onto the other traditional buildings.  All that glass makes it kind of pervasive.  We also walked through the Strand- properly for the first time- where I window-shopped all the major label's stores and discovered THIS creepy looking display:

|Bottles, staring at me |

Think the store was called Aesop, and I'm not sure if it was just me but that display disturbs me. Stood outside for a minute with my jaw open until R wandered in and was forced to apply a pungent hand lotion by a tres slick dude. I don't know, I just wanted to go in there and mess all the bottles up or something!

Onto other news. In the past 3 days I was kicked out of a lecture, dropped the back of my phone down the platform gap at Wynyard station, spent the last $3 in my bank account on an orange juice and became president of SMSSOC.

All aforementioned events have prompted this question from me: HOW?!

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  1. beautiful pictures! i especially love the one of the bottles, i'd probably have thoughts of messing them up too haha they all look so perfectly placed


  2. What a gorgeous mall! Love all the bottles in the last picture :)

  3. I love the third picture, the buildings are gorgeous.. apart from the Westfield! We've got a couple in London and they are similar glass monstrosities. Kicked out of a lecture, what did you do?! :P xx

  4. I have to agree about Zara. Every time I enter I'm always so hopeful, telling my boyfriend "Just maybe I'll be able to buy something today!".

    But nope, disappointed everytime. Boo!

    Gorgeous photos as always xx

  5. hahaha! yes! I agree! tha arrangement of the bottles are super disturbing. It's like a minimalist potion store or something. I don't know. It elicits a lot of emotions and thoughts. errr...

  6. these are amazing sights of the city. I visited Sydney for the first time this year, and I fell in luuuuv.. especially with bondi beach x

  7. Wow, the buildings in the third picture are gorgeous!

    And I'm with on the messing-up-bottle-thing. They're so perfectly organised, kind of too perfectly organised...!


  8. great shots and I agree, The bottles look super weird.

  9. i must say, your life sounds extremely interesting annie- im not sure whether to laugh or cry at your non-phoneness, lack of monetary funds, lecture rebellion and new presidency status.. maybe both!

  10. Love the contrast between the modern / quaint old shop fronts. The bottles kinda look like an old apothecary shop (or how I imagine it would look anyway :P).

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I'm going to be studying English Lit :) what are you studying? And congrats on being president of SMSSOC whatever that is :)

  11. Whoa that bottle store is weird... Zara can always get a bit hectic. It makes me want to curl up in a corner and gather my thoughts.

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