Red Party

There's something about Fridays. Normally I'm stuck at uni until late and after dawdling about and grabbing some dinner in the city...

There's something about Fridays. Normally I'm stuck at uni until late and after dawdling about and grabbing some dinner in the city, I head home drained and limp as people come out all dressed up, smiling, kicking for a night out. Something about the vibe. But anyway, last Friday I went out to a party with the girls (and R) @Soho bar/club, Kings Cross. Only after we went to a dodgy restaurant of course.

"Hey, let's eat here."
"But it's completely empty..."
"Look, the sign says $5 steaks!!"
"Alright, let's eat here."

Story of my life...

| Interesting drink menu | Me with dreaded peace sign & Ash tipsy in bg | Ceiling of Soho |

Apologies for my obnoxious posing, and despite it looking like I was the only person at the party, it was pretty packed. Talking sweat on the walls packed. But hey, free champagne! I did feel a bit ridiculous in a floral print dress while everyone else turned up in red, like we were supposed to...

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  1. The shooters have some interesting names... Eh, don't worry too much about it (at least you stood out in your floral dress haha) Looks like an awesome Friday night :)

  2. I wish my friends were more spontaneous at picking places to eat at.

    Takes us forever to decide.

  3. Haha what a great drinks menu! And you are BEAUTIFUL.


  4. Ah, I'm usually such a slacker when it comes to going out on the weekend, but it's always so much fun when I do.

    This looks great, looks like you were having fun, hehe.


  5. I know which dress you're wearing! It's our Motel Katy dress, right?
    That drink menu is hilarious. Please tell me you tried a cock-sucking cowboy, haha. Who would want a drink called what the fuck though?


  6. wow, i love your pictures! your hair is so beautiful! wish you a wonderful night! <3
    maren anita

  7. i can never understand people that head out on Friday nights, ready to dance the night away... I am usually crawling home and eating takeaway haha

    you look gorgeous (peace sign and all) :) and even though those shot names are kinda disgusting, i almost feel like one now ;) x

  8. Looks like so much fun! You're adorable :)
    What a cute blog!!

  9. cool photos! looks like so much fun :) you're so lucky having some free champagne, mmm!!



  10. love the pictures! :D
    Love Lois xxx

  11. The names of those drinks made laugh. A lot. (it always happens, I act like a 5 year old even in bars)


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