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I find that some of the cheapest, littlest things I own hold the most priceless memories: | Cheap shoes from day ...

I find that some of the cheapest, littlest things I own hold the most priceless memories:

| Cheap shoes from day at Paddington |
Surprisingly comfortable, may be attributed to rubber treading which allows me to (almost) walk up walls. The time when walking 10km to accidentally discover a closing down shoe sale was really worth it.

| Huge scarf R knitted for me |
Quite possibly the warmest thing I own, and in many more ways than one. Reminds me of all the times I tried to knit parts of it when he wasn't looking so that it wouldn't take him a year to finish.

| Assorted mangled bracelets |
1. & 2. The time all my friends were 3 hours late to my birthday so I trawled/sulked around Bondi markets and bought shit on a whim
3.  The time when my flight from Townsville to Sydney was delayed by 3+ hours, so I wandered around buying more stuff
4. The time when a sort-of friend randomly made me a friendship bracelet. Strangely, not really friends with said friend anymore.

| Dog-eared pencil-case |
Gifted by an aunt from Singapore. Fits around 3 pens, but used daily. Many associated memories including injuring someone after (accidentally) lobbing it full speed at their forehead.

| Giant preserved beetle |
Bought from a dusty market in China, found while I was trying to discreetly scrape horse crap from under my shoe.

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  1. they certainly don't look cheap! great photos

  2. those shoes are so bold and gorgeous! loving the colour xx

  3. Love that last shot; it made me want a giant preserved beetle of my own! x

  4. I love your bracelets (and hehe with the beetle!).


  5. very cute post! the scarf is lovely, as are the shoes! :) xx

  6. Love the shoes and the beetle :P I agree, it's more about the associations than the object itself!

  7. Gotta love those shoes! I still have to send you the book ah! Hope you're doing well!!!

    xx THE CHEAP

  8. Hey there! So the green top I had on is by Milly and I got it at Bloomingdales here in New York some years back.. I'm pretty sure thought that you could find something similar if you search indian style silk tops..

    and yes, watch out with someone who hates dogs, how is that possible, they're so cute! LoL!

    p.s. what kind of camera do u use, is it a dslr? i need to get a new cam but there are just too many options out there.

  9. These are lovely. I really like your shoes! It's the best finding something simple and inexpensive that becomes a real treasure.


  10. that blue is soo appealing xx looks good on your feet too!

  11. Hmmm.... maybe I should get a scarf for my girlfriend for her birthday...

  12. Love your blue sandals so much!!


  13. Those shoes are gorgeous.

    I love how each piece has a story behind it. It makes them that much valuable. Also kudos to your boyfriend for being able to knit.

  14. Those shoes are dope!


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