Time for Nostalgia

Today I felt like reminiscing. These are from the end of last year, but I don't think I've posted them here before. A week away in a...

Today I felt like reminiscing. These are from the end of last year, but I don't think I've posted them here before. A week away in a beautiful house at Sapphire Beach, Coffs Harbour with the girls. I know, sounds like a dream right?

Entranced by a rock | Coffs Harbour trainstation | Main bedroom, complete with exposed bath | Ash's trademark smile | Someone's feet | View from the top level | The most quiet stretch of beach | Jess' birthday cake | Pool  at night | Ned (?) the Turkey, regular visitor | Lazy, late breakfast | Pool race on inflatable sea animals | Chums |

I have realised my photography skills have significantly improved since then! I also realised I couldn't post many of them because they involved my half-clothed friends haha...

Anyway, from what I remember, the week was spent mostly in our bikinis, in the hot tub, on the beach, making food, dancing to about 5 alternative versions of Teenage Dream, fraternising with inflatable animals and a real turkey and getting drunk in the games room next to the pool table. I remember dnming, running along the beach with a hangover (came back with awesome calves), singing Happy Birthday, going 'clubbing' for the first time with Jess, the smell of rum, ridiculous cab fees and being generally embarrassing.

The best and worst part was accidentally on purpose sharing way too much personal info with the girls, and realising in hindsight that after that week I would lose a special person only to let another one into my life. It was probably a pivotal week in most of our lives; the summer before we went off to uni and did our own thing I suppose. But maybe one day we'll all get to travel somewhere together again...

There's not much better than the bond you share with the beautiful people in your life, the friendships you make that are the ones which last the longest or mean the most.

Moving on.

This week I didn't take any photos despite eating at 2 'interesting' restaurants, having a colossally stupid fight with R and waiting 3 hours for yeast cultures to die. Cool week I know. But thank you for everyone's sweet comments, I will be sure to finally get around to returning them!

Peace to my 69 followers ;)
And everyone else of course.

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  1. You make me want to be by the beach so much!

  2. These photos are lovely! They look like they contain plenty of wonderful memories. I love the feet in the sand, great shot!

    We have our 'QLD core skills' test in about two weeks - I think that's similar to the HSC, plus lots of exams and assignments at the moment! Fun :) I just can't wait for it to be finished, should be a good feeling!


  3. You rock in your photography! I'm such an amateur when it comes to taking pictures :P I don't own a REALLY GOOD camera too so mine is nothing compared to your gorgeous pictures! The colors are so pretty. I wanted to pick out my favorite photo among these but it's too hard 'cos they're all so beautiful like those shots printed on a postcard ;D Looks like you had fun! In the hot tub sounds like a very relaxing thing to do :D And the beach! Super fun :)

    Thank you for your sweeeet comment! :D


  4. girlfriend, you photos rock. that weekend sounds ah-mazing! : )

  5. Hi, girl!
    You have cute blog and nice photos!
    I follow you!Follow me?

  6. these are aweeeesome photos! you make this place look very appealing x and you are soo natural!

  7. these photos are awesome even though you have improved since than!!
    your experience sounds like it's a very precious memory for you! i love that!

  8. i've been very behind with blogging because of summer school! i haven't been blogging often, but i'm still here and reading.

    lazy late breakfast looks sexy! hahaha!

  9. love the pictures! you can't imagine how jealous i am ;D

  10. Oh doll I've been reminiscing today as well (of summers spent back home in Mexico!) Beautiful pictures! I'm following you via bloglovin now



  11. Gorgeous photos, love them all so much!

  12. You're amazing at photography! Like, crazy good, I wish I was as good as you, I still love it so hopefully I'll improve :D


  13. I'm dying of jealousy right now. This looks like an amazing time. I wanna fraternize with inflatable animals too! Sigh, can we be real life friends already?

    I like the photo of the feet in the sand. It really speaks to me... haha I'm kidding, but it is really cute.

    Style Soufflé

  14. that was such a crazy week... SO much has changed since then.. pivotal summer before we started uni.. SOTP style ;) so many incriminating photos too hahah (esp of vern). but what happens at schoolies stays at schoolies. we should go on another trip end of this year! wouldn't be the same but still, missing the group chills :(

    p.s you have sewwww many readers hehe. nice photos btw :)
    see you on weds yay x

  15. thanks for entering my giveaway dear :)
    beautiful photos <3

  16. the pool lights up at night :OOOO that is awesome. so is your first photo, 'tis tres artistic! I also see a moxie tampon tin on the kitchen table HAHAHAH.. i think

    ps when you said you "enthusiastically pressed your button 30 times" that made me laugh :D

  17. Hi, Annie! I am for sure who you think I am (from Integrating Alyse, which was shut down). Just wanted to abscond away from that scene. Thank you for your nice comment. And, oh my, memorable lips?!?!?

    I have to say that looking through the photography on your blog really inspires me. If I am not mistaken, you are taking all your photographs with a point and shoot? I saw your tripod with a digital camera in one of your pictures. You really could have fooled me because your work is so exemplary of the photographer making the photograph and not just a fancy camera.

  18. even if these were from more than a year ago, they're still wonderful. you have amazing skill, and i loooooooooooove all the colors

  19. this was beautifully written, and the pictures go with it so well. sounds idyllic! xx

  20. Such beautiful photos. I LOVE them. Your blog is so pretty. :)


  21. tnx for nice comment, and its not difficut to make it , you should try ;)

    nice pics and blog, im following back now


  22. Damn girl, it LOOKS like a dream. That pool is so blue.


  23. great pictures! Well done
    Check my blog:


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