Self-Portrait + Freckles

I've come to the realisation that this blog is a bit faceless. Even my display picture is an anonymous silhouette drinking te...

I've come to the realisation that this blog is a bit faceless. Even my display picture is an anonymous silhouette drinking tea in front of a window. Nice. So, here is me rocking dirty hair and in desperate need of a shower, taken a few weeks ago in a hotel room.

I also want to rant about something. I have freckles on my face. They were the bane of my existence in my early teen years, when it was made fairly obvious to me that it was abnormal and undesirable for an asian. I began to despise it when people kept commenting on it, and one lovely girl once asked me "you have so many! Do you, like, keep some in a jar at home?" Damn you, girl with perfect skin.

Anyway, my mom thought it was a good idea to get them lasered off; I went along with it and exterminated them all at the ripe age of about 12. Obviously being australian and sun-loving, they came back. So now they have become my friends.

I have grown to like them. Occasionally I count them for fun. One time I played dot-to-dot with an eyeliner pencil, just because I could. They are something to be embraced and enjoyed; so here is a virtual high five to everyone out there with them!

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  1. Sweetie, you are drop dead gorgeous, I am loving these photos of you! ♥

    And I adore freckles on women, I think it's the best accessory for the face.

    I have a very good friend, and she is the prettiest girl with a cute smattering of freckles across her nose. You remind me of her. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Great photos! :)) Realy nice. :)))

    If you have time, visit my blog and if you like it, follow me. :) Thanks! :))

  3. Hello Annie. Your self portraits are pretty (I've always wanted freckles actually, I'm happy you grew to like them!)

    Also thank you for the comment and add. Looking through your older posts, you have really beautiful photographs. Definitely following x

  4. I'm in love with freckles. My Mom has them, my brother has them, I've spent my whole life wanting them!!!! I think they are so beautiful xo

  5. You are stunningly beautiful. You really really are...

    xx THE CHEAP

  6. Nice, I like putting a face to all that amazing photography talent.

    Yo, I WISH I had freckles. Instead, I have a face full of acne. My dermatologist of 3 years still hasn't figured out how to fix it. I think freckles are really cute and distinct. I'm glad you've come to embrace them now.

    Style Soufflé

  7. I agree that you are stunningly beautiful :)
    Can I tell you a secret? I was always a little jealous of my sister's freckles (she's a red head - the deep deep red sort), so I'm glad you've made friends with your freckles.
    My freckles (not face freckles, just randomised body ones) are my favourites part(s) of my body. They're always there, and I find that oddly comforting :)

  8. These photos are amazing. I love your freckles so adorable. X

  9. These photos are gorgeous!

    I think your freckles are great, they're really cute and they give your face personality! I always wished that I had more freckles, I think they're great.


  10. An Asian with freckles, that's not something that you see everyday.

    And it's nice to have someone else in the same boat as me. Let's see where it takes us. :)

  11. you're very pretty! i'm glad to see that you're posting self portraits! you should do it mroe often :)
    thanks for visiting

  12. you look adorable! sometimes I want to have freckles too, love it!


  13. You're so pretty, and I love the freckles!

  14. Gosh your freckles are so cute!

    Thank you for commenting on my shiny new blog. Hopefully it's a slightly entertaining read!

  15. Your beautiful my dear! And freckles have always been cute in my opinion, when I was younger I wanted some! Now I do have a few because of the sun.. Glad you're embracing them now xx

  16. My mom has freckles, but I don't. Growing up I really wanted them, but now I think I've come to terms with my pale white face.

    I love these photos though. I think they're very good self-portraits and the angle in the first one is amazing. I like it how you can even see a ray of light.

  17. Magnificent photos and lighting. You are absolutely stunning
    Solar Falcon

  18. This is honestly the first I've heard of freckles not being a desirable/cute trait! I can't believe you felt they were that bad you lasered them off, didn't even know it was possible?!

    For the record I think freckles are adorable and enhance the delicate features of your face - you have lovely skin as well (speaking from my jealous viewpoint as someone plagued with a susceptability to spots :P )

  19. I love my freckles on my nose and cheeks, but they only ever come out when I'm in the sun, and that barely happens because I live in England hahah :)

    You're beautiful anyway! I love your blog, and your photos are so good :)

    Visit my blog, and follow me if you like it? I've just started but I hope to post more photos etc :)

  20. I don't have freckles myself, but I like a lot of people who do.

    Check out my math blog.

  21. Very pretty photos :) I think freckles are cute, I used to think that all cute girls had freckles on them. Haha, dot-to-dot with eyeliner? That's a very cute idea :)

    Your new follower :)

  22. wow annie you're so pretty! :D are you full asian? im guessing maybe not because a) you have a pointy non-button nose b) you have non-squinty eyes c) asians don't usually have freckles?

  23. Im just gonna say what everybody else have already said; definitely NOT disappointed when finally seeing your face, u´re so beautiful!
    Anni, Finland

  24. Heey:)) LOVE ur blog. its very nice. Wanna follow each other?

  25. This is such a beautiful portrait! And its funny, one of the first things I lvoed about it were your freckles... Isn't it funny how sometimes what we dont like about ourselves is what other people first like?


  26. annie, you are so very lovely! I've actually thought to myself before that you don't post many photos of yourself, so I love that you did :) you're beautiful! you can also tell by the number of comments on this post ;) I LOVE your freckles and I've always wished my asian face had them!

    ps. my skin is actually not flawless haha I think it's just a combination of a recent microdermabrasion, my new blush (nars orgasm) and the camera being kind! xx

  27. You look gorgeous! Lovley photos! Followed you :)


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