Polaroids and Churros

What I was up to today in my little corner. Library lawn @uni | Polaroid message board | SMSSOC | Jonny's new haircut | Churros | Ric...

What I was up to today in my little corner.

Library lawn @uni | Polaroid message board | SMSSOC | Jonny's new haircut | Churros | Richest chocolate milkshakes | R&I |

This week SMSSOC and I have been helping to raise money for NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia) at uni as part of Artsweek which involved politely asking/harassing passerbys to allow me to take their polaroid in return for a small donation.

After a bit of that and studying, I caught up with some of the chums at San Churro, Glebe where we stuffed our faces with too much chocolate, chatted, laughed and bitched- as you do . On top of that, the weather was beautiful (cue holey, shrunk-in-the-wash-midriff top).

So despite mid session exams- and thus doom- looming, it was a lazy feel-good day. My kind of day.

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  1. You're really good at just capturing a moment in time that translates beautifully into a photo - also those churros look seriously delicious!

    I tend to do a similar either/or in photos too :P

  2. I really want a Polaroid camera for uni - it will be the perfect way to capture so many memories!

  3. What great pictures! I love polaroids, I had a camera for uni and have a box of memories now...

    On churros... oh I love them! THey remind me of my childhood back in Mexico with some real mexican hot chocolate (the best one ever, after all the word 'chocolate' is derived from nahuatl, the aztec language ;)



  4. Uhhh hottie with a body in that last pic! ;)

    Style Soufflé

  5. i love love love your photos ♥

  6. So gorgeous! I want that churro! yumm!

  7. YUM! Aw I didn't know u went to same uni as me! :) yay for UNSW

  8. I haven't tried churros with white chocolate dip before. looks suuuuuppppeeerrrr yummy! I really adore your photos. You're really great with photography. <3

  9. I adore churros. These looks seriously yum. yum yum. You take great photos! xx

  10. Cool pics. I love your message board particularly :) Those snacks looks delicious ;) Lovely blog, wanna follow each other?


  11. Aw, such a nice idea to make people donate money.

    We don't have churros here though :(

  12. yumm i want churros now!!! x x



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