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So this weekend we went on the long-awaited ski trip to Thredbo! Regretting only taking about 15 photos, mostly of random things but it'...

So this weekend we went on the long-awaited ski trip to Thredbo! Regretting only taking about 15 photos, mostly of random things but it's common knowledge that the amount of fun to be had is inversely proportional to the no. of pictures taken...

1. Picture of random skier who politely enquired if I was ok, typically taken after stacking it
2. One of the better foods consumed during trip- choc oreos and hot chocolate
3. Another photo taken while I was on the ground, typically after stacking it
4. Ash's ski boot
5. Me being excited at the beginning of day 1
6. View on top of a slope of giant rain-cloud descending

Most of the time skiing was probably spent on the ground, as you may have correctly assumed. But hey, after a few cringe-worthy falls and spectacular ones (one of them involved Ash crashing into and then hugging a tree, another involving my poles, skis and limbs going in all 4 directions), we managed to reach a competent level and conquer a couple of slopes. Pretty good for first timers! 

I have a particularly fond memory of being getting stuck under a SLOW DOWN sign after sliding backwards uncontrollably, Ash then had to dig me out. (Don't ask) Quite an ironic moment, and probably represents my experience on the trip...

The others in the group had some pretty colourful stories as well; and I think we're all in agreement that it was a pretty rocking trip. In fact R had so much fun that on the 2nd night he had a very vivid skiing dream, demonstrated by the constant twitching and flailing of limbs during his sleep next to me. Good times.

I'm feeling a bit worse for wear now, my limbs are in pain and I slept 14 hours after crashing at home last night- both together is not a good combination. Leaving for trip to China on wednesday, so there's quite a bit to do still! Here is another photo of Ash demonstrating our bum-slide technique, before we knew what we were doing:

Note the bum-trail.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

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    upload photos on fb please! :)

  2. Cool pics! I've never been skiing before so I'd probably be pretty useless! :p xx

  3. Very, very jealous - I only went skiining in April, and I really want to go again already!

  4. You are so cute in yellow! Dude, I wish I looked that hot in the snow. My face is usually bright red and my nose runs, haha.

    I'm glad all in all you enjoyed your first time skiing. My first time, I fell off the ski lift, "bum-trailed" half the mountain, and walked 2 miles down the rest of it carrying my skis.

    Have fun in China! Jealous, I wish I could go back. Safe travels :)

  5. i think this is the first time ive seen your full face! you're so cute ;)

    i've only ski once a very long time ago. i don't know, but i just do not enjoy snow at all. glad you had fun though!

  6. It seems like you are having fun :D Beautiful photos!
    I featured your blog in my blog:
    For the moment it is in german but I'll translate it to english soon!
    Hope you like it.

  7. you're really pretty and I'm so jealous, skiing is the best!

  8. This looks like so much fun. I've never been skiing but I'm so keen to!

    Have fun in China as well, I'm really jealous :)



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