China Photo Diary I

Some photos from the first few days of my trip. Most of these were taken in Guangzhou (Canton), in the streets near where my mom's famil...

Some photos from the first few days of my trip. Most of these were taken in Guangzhou (Canton), in the streets near where my mom's family lives. A home base of sorts.

1. Sisters waiting at Sydney airport 
2. Umbrella in a market near my grandparent's house, many $2 shirts here 
4. Street vendor 
5. Washing hanging in the street 
6. Pulling out weeds midday 
7. Shops lining Beijing Road (well-known shopping strip) 
9. Best wanton soup? 
11. Flowers overlooking and at the base of a mountain 
12. Incense 
13. Rice-fields, seen from the mini-bus 
14. Quiet park area on top of another mountain 
15. Face on a giant traditional urn/pot/receptacle (Don't know what it's called in english sorry) 
16. Again, but larger. 
17. My sister, holding weighted red ribbon. You throw it into the 16. for good luck! 
18. The ubiquitious red lanterns 
19. Incense 
20. Giant dragon carving 
21. "Good Luck" tree 
22. Youngsters playing under trees 
23. Mountains 
24. Ornate ancient temple roof 
25. Dragon water 'tap' piping out the freshest, cleanest mountain water I have encountered 
26. Temple and surrounding mountain 
27. Masses of Koi fish

For all the many times I have been in Canton, I am struck by how little things change on a local level. The little market we always visit, the group of shirtless old men playing mahjong at night (I think I have a picture of that somewhere...), the little alleyways and smoky doorways and a few more very intimate details made me realise only now how familiar it is to me.

The familiarity is of a different kind however, halfway between 'home' and a 'regular place I visit'. This is illustrated by my apparent fascination in taking photos of the most 'ordinary' things on the street;  this is frequently met with strange stares. Still a foreigner after all. 

The second half of the photos are from a temple nestled in the mountains and its surrounding areas a few hours coach drive away, the name of which I can't remember (for shame!) though I suppose it is better if I don't burden you with the details.

More later!

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  1. This all looks incredible - I hope I get to visit China one day!

  2. oh how i missed your posts! :)

  3. These photos could have come straight from the pages of TIME magazine. Great composition. If only my photos from China were ever this amazing.

    But yeah, it's always great to revisit where your family is from. Such an eye-opening experience.

  4. i love your photos! aw and i want to visit china someday too

  5. Wow, so amazing! I love it all,

    Rosie x

  6. Wow indeed! Such beautiful photographs! Your eye is such eye-candy!

    PvdH -designer and illustrator

  7. Oh my god, your pictures are amazing I would definitely consider visiting China! My god what a pretty place! <3


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