Vivid Sydney 2011

Last night R and I drove into the city to check out Vivid Sydney- "a festival of light, music and ideas" for you non-Sydneyside...

Last night R and I drove into the city to check out Vivid Sydney- "a festival of light, music and ideas" for you non-Sydneysiders. (Check it out HERE.)

We visited most of the light installations/sculptures and projections on show around Circular Quay and the Rocks. Because a lot of the installations were interactive, the atmosphere was very lively! Unfortunately we didn't get to check out FireDance and the night markets due to the sporadic but torrential rain and wind. The former of which also snapped all of the spokes of R's umbrella. R.I.P.

But anyway, I took some photos (and a video which I may post up later) so here are a few of them...

And of course one of R. There are a couple of other photos which aren't completely relevant to Vivid so I didn't post them here since this is picture heavy as is. But maybe next post? Also have some rant-filled 'stories' (ok, just a rant) to tell...

But other than that, we had a lovely night- some of the exhibits were amazing. Especially the hippy opera house ;) I highly recommend you check out the website because there are some really stunning photos on there!

Thank you R for taking me out :)

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  1. It looks bloody amazing! I completely missed out this year. My boyfriend, who also goes by the initial R (HAHA!) is currently in Adelaide!

    Oh sigh, but your photos were definitely amazing enough to make up for it. :)

  2. Oh, wow! Thanks for visiting that post, because I have to say, that brightened my day, too - being able to read that again. Glad you found something worth reading, lovely! I'm reading The Hobbit as we speak, actually. So fantastic. I think i actually prefer it to LOTR, it's more quaint.

    x Michelle |

  3. PS - this post is beautiful and makes me miss Sydney very, very much.

    x Michelle |

  4. I love it when they do up the harbour for such events!

    i went to one before and had a good time taking photos with the stationary exhibits and the performing artists!

    The rain is a bit of a dampener today, but hope you are enjoying yourself nonetheless. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. I've never been to Australia and only seen photos of it. But these photos are very different to anything I've ever seen. And I love it! Really great photos.
    Love from Germany

  6. Wow, this looks like a heap of fun, and the lights are so pretty. I haven't been down to Sydney for about seven years now, and I'd really love to take a trip down there again, I miss it!


  7. I've been reading through your blog and...holy crap, is it good! You have some amazing photography and, more importantly, your personality really translates onto the page. I have a lot to learn to take photographs that are as food as yours. I'm going to put your blog on my sidebar links.

    Also, thank you for your comment. Skin cancer is the sux.

  8. Love the colours here, the lights and things look fab! Do share your rant! :) xx

  9. love the colors and the photography.. cool. I'
    m hooked on your blog. following your now :)
    Maybe you can check out my site

  10. i love installations. definitely looks like something i'd love to go to

  11. oh wow! these photos are absolutely beautiful, i can't imagine how amazing this must have been in real life. i wish i could go!

  12. oh kool i can just imagine getting lost in the array of colours. although i must say, your photos would make anything look good :P
    ps. i did not know that the foot opposite the writing hand is bigger than the other one, but wow it's so true!

  13. wauwh love your blog its amazing, nice post


  14. I am so eager to go down and take some photos of this but I just haven't had time. These are the first I've seen. Thanks for sharing.


  15. wow cool fotos!
    Would love to have you as a follower

  16. great photos! really love the colors..and i'm more of a b&w person!
    thank you so much for your sweet comment and for following me, i am too now;)
    you asked about my ethnicity. i am from romania, a country from east europe. never been told that made me smile.
    have a great day!

  17. loveeeee these images


  18. Oh my goodness this looks gorgeous - I'd love to check this out myself sometime!

  19. omg, i wish i saw this, but i kept forgetting to attend. your photos are amazing though! lovely blog :)

    new follower :)


  20. such great pics!!!!!


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