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The past week (or more) has been quite blah. I haven't been carrying around my camera, so no pictures :( Instead this post- for my dwind...

The past week (or more) has been quite blah. I haven't been carrying around my camera, so no pictures :(
Instead this post- for my dwindling band of readers (I don't blame you really)- is a poor attempt at documenting recent updates on my bland week. Most of it is kind of trivial and involves spending copious amounts of money on said trivial things...

SO this week I:

1. Lusted over and finally! bought this wallet. Despite being a lot poorer because of it, I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I swear if I lose my wallet again, I will confine myself to using zip-lock bags to hold my stuff for the rest of my life.
Michael Kors 'Jet-Set' Zip-Around Continental Wallet
2.Lusted over and did not buy these cowboy boots. I have a strange obsession for cowboy boots and have 2 pairs but these look less blatantly cowboy-ish, are leather and thus more versatile so DUH I have to have them. One day...

Tony Bianco "Vanilla" in Choc-Diesel

3. Paid deposit for Medsci Ski-Trip!
4. Watched my sister's high-school's musical. I spotted her 4 times.

The only picture I took...
5. Watched these movies. I know they're all blockbusters but the reasons: Water for Elephants because it reminded me of Moulin Rouge, The Hangover II because of its sentimental significance (The Hangover was the first movie R&I ever watched together), and X-Men...because R is a boy. The first two were average but enjoyable and X-Men was some kind of fantastic amazing, mostly due to the bromance between McAvoy& Fassbender. Yum...

6. Attended monthly chums meet-up with R who was supremely excited. Awaiting the single polaroid that was taken.

7. Found out that I will be going overseas with my mom and sisters in the 3-week break to visit my great-grandmother (and do other tourist-y things). Yay for travelling! The first thing I thought of was the many photo opportunities... and my great grand-mother of course. She is quite a formidable woman.

That concludes my post about what's been happening. Stay tuned because I finally have my hands on the dslr and may possibly take some photos when I'm not studying for finals.

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  1. Yay for gold detailing!
    Glad you finally found something to replace your lost wallet. :)

  2. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?? PLEASE SAY SHANGHAI COS I'LL BE THERE :D and dw I shall upload the polaroid somewhere soon so everyone can see all 7 chums ;)

  3. i was wondering where you have gone!

    hey, why were you imagining how my hand writing would look in the first place? LOL jk :P

    i love zip wallets. i had my wallet stolen some months ago, it was such a pain to have everything replaced. :(

  4. I REALLY WANT TO WATCH X-MEN BOOHOO and i uploaded a very blurry version of the polaroid lol

  5. I want to watch hangover 2, i still havent seen it! Looks good =] oh and btw to answer your question my lens that i use is a Canon Zoom lens ef-s 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 is 72 mm. xxx


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