I'm not sure when the last time I posted was, but the past week has been about finals- I am thus excused for my absence. Below are some ...

I'm not sure when the last time I posted was, but the past week has been about finals- I am thus excused for my absence. Below are some out-takes and random photos from throughout the week. I guess the whole week was really a jumble of bits and pieces, as is life. Enjoy.

1. Lights and sounds @Vivid
2. Inside Customs House @Circular Quay
3. Random guy who had an 80s badass thing going on
4. Making shadows on a building wall
5. Keeping warm while studying
6. Random cafe R&I will never again go to in case we get a jewfish thrown at us (traumatic story)
7. My eye and experimenting with too-small tripod

I also got my lovely new wallet this week (god I love new leather smell...). I also partied with Luyi for her 18th. Fun fun times. Most of it involving taking absinthe shots, eating a dog cake (this was a bit weird), being too loud in the hotel room, watching some of the boys play Robot Unicorn Attack while tipsy and winning $25 @Star City. Luckily we left before we gambled all our life funds away. I might post some photos of the night when fellow chums post them up.

You know, I had a couple of things I wanted to rant about but after a few days I simmered down and yeah, annoying bad things happen but I figure why would I want to bring up all the negative energy again?

I've only got one more exam on wednesday which should be manageable to study for, so I feel like I can take a breath. R will be finished with his exams a couple of days after that, along with other friends so I guess that means Beginning of Fun! Hopefully it also means lots of new inspirations and things and people (im kind of in short supply of them) to take photos of.

I guess I like having this blog for that reason; it gives me motivation to capture moments, places and feelings I experience in my life so that I can look back and smile instead of, you know, seeing an empty black hole of undocumented time. And if I can share something with people, that's a bonus.

What a tangent.

Oh yeah, here is the coolest beanie I've ever seen:

Thanks to a friend for modelling it.

Hope you all have a lovely week ahead!
Peace :)

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  1. That beanie is pretty amazing! Love pic 4. Good luck for the last exams! xx

  2. Your life looks so exciting and beautiful! I like the eye picture a lot. Best of luck on your last exam.

  3. hmm. the 2nd image is intriguing. are the buildings below the glass little models or real buildings? they MUST be fake models! right?!

  4. i love your photos (as usual) and i liked your tangent (haha) - that's kinda exactly the way i feel about blogging! good luck for your exam this week :) x

  5. i really like your photos, especially the one of the candles! Good luck for your exam x

  6. That beanie made me lol. I have to hand it to you, that is one cool beanie.

    Nice images, esp the one of the shadows!

  7. The cafe in one of your photos look so relaxing and nice! The last photo makes me laugh, :-) xoxoxoo

  8. What awesome pictures! Sounds like you had a great time - that Beanie is so cool, too! Best of luck on your exams! :)

    sorelle in style

  9. Ok.. i need that beanie! hahaha
    Great photos
    lee x

  10. haha it is definitely the photo! i don't know where my cheekbones are..!

  11. your photos are incredible! i love them all. love the one you took of the Sydney model in the Customs House!

    SO happy i came across your blog. i am loving it. i am a new follower x

  12. Your random life seems randomly fun...


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