Combat Boots and Emergencies

Tony Bianco "Gravel" in Grey Galileo I must warn you I feel that this post is rather frivolous, being centred around shoes. I real...

Tony Bianco "Gravel" in Grey Galileo
I must warn you I feel that this post is rather frivolous, being centred around shoes. I really can't help it.

These arrived this morning, as I found out after almost tripping over a suspiciously large package placed next to my staircase. Currently getting high on the lovely leather smell. I got them off the TB website for $48 from $160 RRP! Love sales and dodgy VIP codes...

 Am I right in thinking they'll look better with grey laces?

Anyway, my shoe buying this time was fueled by common sense. I managed to exercise some self-control and finally bought flat shoes, which I desperately need. It's highly ironic that my shoe cupboard is full of pristine heels, some of them unworn and all my 'everyday' shoes, including my most beloved cowboy boots thrifted and gifted by an equally beloved friend are taking their last breaths. In the meantime, I am still on the search for the perfect cowboy boot.

So these will be the next to be worn to death. I must admit, part of my motivation in buying flat shoes is due largely to a lovely lady (she's not lovely at all, I call her Dragon Lady). She threatened to kick me out of my chem lab because I was wearing "high heels" which may impede my ability to escape, should there be a dire chemical emergency. I calmly explained that I was perfectly capable of running at tremendous speed in my medium-heeled boots. She glared at me.

Anyway, I'm off to do stuff and then will return everyone's lovely comments.

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  1. OH. VERY NICE! hahaha its funny how they don't allow heels but allow ballet flats (not that i do chem but i've heard stories). since, im not sure if ballet flats really give you all that much coverage =/

  2. Dude, I wanna go buy these shoes too now. Even though they look exactly like the vintage pair I stole from my mom, you can never have enough combat boots. I've recently acquired like 3 pairs, and I'm obsessed. They're comfy and bad ass.

    But yeah, I agree. Definitely go with some grey laces.

    I work in a lab too! Other people in labs are usually kinda nerdy and casually-dressed, so I always feel super out of place when I wear nice clothes and heels.

    Running in heels is like running with scissors. Perfectly acceptable if you're careful, right? Haha.

  3. WOW! Thank you for your amazing comment!!! I really appreciate it!

    xx THE CHEAP

  4. :) Your lab-escape story in heels made me laugh a little. I didn't realise there was a no-heels rule for chemical safety. I've only ever been chucked out of a wood+metal work studio due to wearing sandals (it was hot!). Apparently you're meant to have your toes all covered incase of flying shards or escaping machinery...
    Health and Safety, eh? Always gets in the way of wearing the shoes you want to.
    I'm with you on the grey laces, too. Enjoy bonding with your new shoes :)

  5. I looove the colour of them! hehe I've never really thought of heels as being a huge hazard..xx

  6. these shoes really are great, everyone has horrible versions of them but those one are perfect :)
    i really like all the photos on your blog!

  7. I love these boots! I have never been a huge combat boot kind of person, but for some reason I am very drawn to these!


    Erin @

  8. interesting blog... and even more interesting choice in boots! i'd never heard of the brand before but i'm definitely looking them up, they're perfect.

  9. Those boots are such a bargain and they're sooo gorgeous! You should try them with grey lace ;P hehehe. Love tony bianco! <3

  10. I love chunky boots, also your lab story made me laugh - kudos for being able to escape a nuclear meltdown in heels, I wouldn't stand a chance!

    Also thank you so much for your lovely comment about my blog and my writing, I really appreciate it as I'm relatively new to it all. I'm following you back :)

  11. annie! LOL oh my. you have found my name. :P

    my hair normally just shows up dark under normal light. i was surprised myself when it looked so red and bright in the photos!

  12. wowyou are so lucky then, more than 50% off, and shoes look pretty good, worth it



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