1. Hand and my walls of posters 2. The better half of my wardrobe 3. Bookcase with essential books like "How to Cook Delicious Food Wit...

1. Hand and my walls of posters
2. The better half of my wardrobe
3. Bookcase with essential books like "How to Cook Delicious Food Without Really Trying"
4. A sign my mom put up on my wall while I was at uni. Lovely.
5. Testing a baby tripod while not wearing pants. JOKES...I am. Really.

My room in all its disgusting glory. Actually it's not at its worst here- I got rid of the festering pile of clothes at least. See if you can spot the blur in the last photo that is my sister dancing. I'm thinking of completely redecorating my room because right now it's a very weird mix of nine inch nails, transformers and LOTR posters. And polka dots, which I thought were cool when I was 12.

I'm such a loser.

My mom suggested that I might paint my walls? I'm wondering if a dark colour would look nice and classy but I don't know if classy is what I should aim for because there will always be this little geek tendency in me that will think glow in the dark stars is still cool. So maybe classy with 'character' is more close to it. Any suggestions?

Also I am so in love with the way film photos look. Still wondering how/experimenting on emulating it with pp work on digital photos but how lovely would a film camera be?! Or maybe a new lens. I'm practically salivating thinking about it but sadly I'm lacking in the financial department, like always.

Whatever. I have since learned that a good photo is completely dependent on the person behind it, not the camera. So I suppose some extensive self-improvement is due...

Oh god sorry for the rant. Peace!


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  1. your room has character! i don't have anything on my walls. i'm afraid spiders would hide behind things, hatch babies and attack me at night.

    this actually happened. i had a spider infestation in my room a year ago. i have since cleared everything out and have many things in storage containers. i wish i could live and sleep in a bubble. then i'd be safe! oh gosh i am weird.

    i'd go with a dark red. although i'm not sure if that's too "intense" for a bedroom. i'm biased because my favourite colour is red.

    i got a new camera :} *screeches in excitement*

  2. Hey :D
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    let me know!!

  3. oh,allrigt :)
    i follow you too :D
    btw I saw the way you've written the title of the blog
    and I loved it
    I kind of stole it :$

  4. your room looks absolutely amazing- very classy already! I have glow in the dark stars on my room ceiling- you would definitely not regret them.
    Plus, I have a really nice film camera I like to use too, it's rad.

  5. MY're blog is gorgeous. I love the photography on it. So much mood...LOVE IT.

    Following you via google!

    xx THE CHEAP

  6. love the pic, and this is your room?
    girl's room? OK hehehe


  7. love the black and white images
    much love


  8. omg the pictures look so great! and your room seems to be quite nice =D
    love love love

  9. ahahaha, that's hard.. already your room has a strong character.. if i was you i would choise dark blu colour and anyway i would go on to stick things on the walls and so on.. :) i prefer in this way, not empty!!


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