Beauty in a Wet Place

Is it just me or does using the word 'wet' in any context just sound wrong? Maybe it is just me... Anyway, I took these in ReefHQ  ...

Is it just me or does using the word 'wet' in any context just sound wrong? Maybe it is just me... Anyway, I took these in ReefHQ  in townsville (SEE PREV POST HERE), apparently the largest living coral reef aquarium in the world! 

I find it extremely calming and eerie to look at pictures of underwater life, or even water for that matter. Something about the way nature has orchestrated such perfection in the most minute to largest forms of life makes me feel awestruck and giddy (sorry I couldn't think of the right word). But then I suppose there's a certain irony in that we compartmentalize everything into glass exhibits and fish-feeding matinees. 

It's like when you go to the zoo as a kid; being completely mindblown and hysterical to see wild animals in all their unrestrained glory. Then going again, as an adult, and realizing that the lion looks a bit limp and bored amongst its carefully constructed scenery. Poor animals.

However, I still love love love zoos, aquariums, museums and the like despite having been to so many so many times I can't remember. I am so lucky R is the sort who tolerates my childishness in that respect...

One last thing:
I did find Nemo(s) and Dory, though they were a bit fast for me to snap them. 
Apologies to all those who actually loathe fish.

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  1. Wow what stunning pics! Yay Nemo and Dory! x

  2. i love museums. i actually have a list of museums i'd like to visit on my 'bucket list.' is that not kind of sad? while others probably have adventurous (but cliche) things such as sky diving, i have a long list of museums.

    how do you adjust photos to have no border and have the vertical/portrait (4th) image match the width of the other images? my images seem to resize and i can't seem to find out how to have to align.

  3. These are amazing! SO gorgeous. I really love that last photo. I've never been to an aquarium but it looks cool!

  4. these photos are amazing! makes me want to visit an aquarium myself. and i love your blog! glad i found it


  5. I loooove aquariums! These pictures are beautiful!

  6. i LOVE aquariums (and zoos etc) :) but i think i'd almost say aquariums are my very fave. your photos are lovely x

  7. gorgeous photos. I love the colours on this entire page.

  8. awesome pics!!!!!!


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