On Strawberries and Birthdays

Yesterday was R's 19th birthday. So in true R style, the day's festivities were predominantly sleeping and eating at his place. W...

Yesterday was R's 19th birthday. So in true R style, the day's festivities were predominantly sleeping and eating at his place. Whatever makes him happy I suppose.

Originally I was going to make tuxedo strawberries for him as a surprise since he loves choc covered strawberries but I ran out of time in the morning so we made it together after dinner for dessert. We got more chocolate on the table, on our hands, face and clothes (?!) than on the actual strawberries themselves, but they were quite delicious nonetheless!

Even if, you know, some of them look kind of lumpy and unattractive. And even if we couldn't be bothered to do the buttons and bowtie so they're not REALLY tuxedo strawberries. Click HERE for what they SHOULD look like and a recipe.

Overall it's really easy to do but I do have some tips. (Even though there are a million recipes out there)
  • Use good chocolate. For dark chocolate, I used Lindt 70% Cocoa cooking chocolate and for white chocolate I used Nestle Melts; we found that the white chocolate became lumpy after heating a couple of times while the dark chocolate remained gloriously, deliciously smooth and runny. So spending a bit more on chocolate is definitely worth it.
  • Dry the strawberries. If you don't dry them carefully beforehand the chocolate will have trouble sticking onto the strawberries so that when it comes time to eat them, half the casing comes off...
  • Water and Chocolate do not go together. If you ever mix chocolate with water, that will be one of the most silly things you ever do. DON'T DO IT.
  • Buy big/long-stemmed strawberries. Self-explanatory.
  • Take care with heating. If heating in a microwave, take care not to burn by taking chocolate out every 30 secs to stir.
  • On Drying: I read a recipe where after dipping strawberries in, they were mounted on a piece of styrofoam with toothpicks, to avoid the puddles of chocolate which form when you put them down on a flat surface.
  • Put chocolate in a deep bowl/receptacle for dipping. It's easier to dip and they turn out prettier this way.
But really, no matter how odd-looking they turn out, it all tastes the same. So that was pretty much the day; lounging around spilling chocolate everywhere. Now I'm wondering what we'll be doing in a years time, when we're 20 year olds.

Sounds too old to comprehend...

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  1. i know i said i don't like the LOOK of strwberries, but chocolate dipped ones are quite delicious. mistakenly mixing chocolate with water definitely sounds like something i would have done if i were to make these. ...but now i know

  2. OH. MY. GOD. I just died. of hunger, and jealousy. they look amazing fhskhfsd want some so bad now! haha

    and no, thank youu! especially with a new blog, its amazing when peopel leave comments :)
    And no I know exactly how you feel, like I'm required to do the expeditions on a pretty regular basis, so trust me, I know what its all about. the first time I tried keep my hair nice and do my makeup, but eventually everything just switches to survival mode, and you'r happy as long as you're being fed, no matter what it is, and the ground becomes the most comfortable bed, ahah.
    I'm excited, just not for the rain! hopefully it turns out okaii though.
    xx http://highwaiisted.blogspot.com

  3. aaaauch! that looks extra-delicious!
    and, you know, the photos are great. So bright!


  4. it looks greattt!!!xxx


  5. Yum! These strawberries look so good! I can never get mine to turn out this pretty!

  6. Oh my god, those strawberries look so freaking good! Could you make some for me too? Haha! Amazing blog (:


  7. they look so yummy! :) i'm massively jealous, and i think i'm going to try this out! xx

  8. Yammie. :)
    Do you like follow each other? I´d glad. Let me know. have a great day. :


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