My youngest sister, aged 5 (I think). A whole week has gone by and I can't remember a single thing that happened.  Anyway, I dedicate ...

My youngest sister, aged 5 (I think).

A whole week has gone by and I can't remember a single thing that happened. 

Anyway, I dedicate this post to family- the people who are impossible to endure and most possibly the people on this planet you love most. Like how today my mom kicked me out of the car right outside my suburb and told me to walk home, because apparently she "CAN'T STAND!" being in the same vehicle as me. 

Somehow after all my murderous thoughts trudging home, I realise I can't really conjure up any negative feelings towards the woman who makes sure I get dinner every night- no matter where I am- and picks me up at 6 in the morning after a night of clubbing, just so she can sleep knowing I'm home. The lady who taught me how to add, multiply, and avoid clingy boys and took me to my first art lesson, piano lesson and science enrichment space workshop. (I'm cool like that.)

It makes me realise how much my family affects my actions and motivations to be a decent person. My youngest sister, who manages to get sharpie on my carpet and declares every second day that she hates me and that we are no longer best friends, always shows me the latest picture she drew- most times of a fairy standing underneath a rainbow. 

It makes me wonder what it'll be like when she grows up and sees, feels the things that I am so thankful for now.

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  1. Your sister is so cute.
    This was such an emotional entry, I love it, and I definitely hear you! Family <3

  2. when i was 6 or 7, my uncle dropped me off randomly on a side walk because i was being too crazy in the car. i don't recall what happened afterwards, but i learned from then on to behave. it was sooo scary! lol. :(

  3. I remember my mom would always threaten to do that too, especially if we were embarrassing her at a public place like mcdonald's. I dont think she actually did though. I was reading about the differences between asian and western-style parenting the other day (i think it was called 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother') and i could relate to it so well.. you shud read it, it's fascinating

  4. This is a lovely post- our relationship with our family and particularly our mothers is such a complicated one! I have moments of rage and then I think, actually no.. Your sister is super cute! xx

  5. This is such an overwhelming post...! Family comes first for me too and I also have the most beautiful young sis and bro who are only turning 13&14 this year. :) when u have such young siblings you come to realise that they r more like ur own babies than siblings!! Haha I love them with all my heart and I always feel blessed even when they hate me! I find it so cute. Ur mum will be ur best friend later!! Anyway I go on yaddi yadda- just wanted to say ur post just made my day!! I'm ur new fan! :)


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