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  2nd one courtesy of Last night R & I went on a date @Summit Restaurant, a restaurant 40 someth...

Last night R & I went on a date @Summit Restaurant, a restaurant 40 something floors high (my eardrums will testify to this) with 360 views of Sydney. I mean that quite literally because the whole floor kind of rotates...

Anyway from memory we had quail breasts, seared scallops, roast duck breast and pork belly- the last of which is not pictured because it was already half devoured by my date. The presentation was quite impressive and the views very pretty, the whole experience was very lovely despite receiving alarming news about a friend halfway through.

After a bit of a stroll, icecream and being stuck in a carpark because it had closed, we left. I suppose this was one of our "proper" dates considering most of the time we spend together is lounging at each others houses in daggy clothes. Which is equally enjoyable, if not more :)

However being a girl, this experience was paramount in learning that its best not to wear heels half a size too big when walking around a lot in the rain in the city- you may encounter some uneven pavement and stack it. Just saying.

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  1. i think i prefer more relaxed dates than fancy ones!

    yes, i actually do have quite a collection of scarves. truth is i don't know how to accessorize, so i throw on a scarf! hahah

  2. naw you have a lovely blog yourself- beautiful pictures :) the quail and duck breast sounds delicious! following you now xx misstea & co.

  3. I am also from AUS!! :)

    YAAAY!!I am following!! :)

    Monique xx

  4. Beautiful! Wish we had a place like that in Amsterdam <3


  5. I hate walking around a city while wearing sky-high heels because you had not planned on walking that much but you feel like a loser taking off your shoes so you have to tough it out and walk and walk and walk until you bite it on the pavement.
    It sucks.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. these look so yum yumy!!!!
    the place looks awesome ass!
    when i go to syd i'm defs trying that out
    check out my blog too and follow if ud like :)



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