Reznor Rant

I know it was a few days ago but... I grinned like a beaver when I found out :) Not that I wasn't expecting The Social Network to tak...

I know it was a few days ago but...

I grinned like a beaver when I found out :) Not that I wasn't expecting The Social Network to take out some pretty big awards after watching it twice in the cinema... But in all seriousness, I really do think they deserved to win. Besides the fact that Trent is a fucking musical god, the score somehow manages to compliment and set up the undertones of the movie whilst simultaneously blowing me out of my popcorn covered seat. 

I remember the opening scene, hearing the opening track and being able to feel the influence of Reznor coming through because you know he uses all the same sounds, layers and textures to create that atmosphere you can feel and know so well, yet it's refreshing and different at the same time- EVERY time. I know I sound like a crazy, biased freak influenced by fandom but I've listened to all the other soundtracks he wrote for Lost Highway, Natural Born Killers and even Quake (some comp game) and the ability he has to evocate feeling as opposed to just arranging sounds in a way that can be minimalistic, without sounding stupid and filling without sounding like a Hans Zimmer score on drugs is pretty fucking amazing. 

Speaking of which, Zimmer's score for Inception is pretty mind-blowing as well, albeit a bit predictable? I guess it shows how a score like TSN's can have even more of an impact than a typical all-out operatic symphony. I know I'm rambling but the best part is that Reznor somehow manages to keep his styles and experimentation evolving whilst carrying the roots with him. Whilst revolutionising the music scene,  being a producer, whilst simultaneously expanding his career into musicals, films and building a business model involving "free music" which probably made him shitloads of money anyway... whilst managing to not become a douchebag sellout, whilst giving me goosebumps on many tracks whilst setting himself up independently of any label WHILST being married to a lady who looks like a Bratz doll. 

I dunno...I think that's talent.

As much as I TRIED not to, I had to ramble. Which is why I had to change the title from Reznor Rocks to Reznor Rant (kidding, it was Rant from the start). Anyway, apologies for the rant and the excessive amounts of swearing because as much as I'm pretending not to, I'm trying to distract myself from the fact that I feel like complete shit right now. Better tomorrow? :'-(

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